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Paul Selig will be leading a channeled workshop from 7-9 pm on Tuesday, September 15th at The Center in New York City. Details and registration here.


(The following is the transcript of a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig on August 26, 2015 as part of a 5-part livestream series, The Class of Resurrection.)


Now we answer your questions as they come. But you don’t even know the questions some days, “what am I to do, what am I to do?” But to do about what? The answer is always the same: claim your true identity.

The Divine as you, as you align to it, holds all you need. You can’t understand how amazing you are when you’re looking for yourself under a bush somewhere. The teaching we give you now —“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve, I am here, I am here, I am here”— will claim you, in fact, above and beyond what you have known. But the alignment to it, in its progressive state, is heralded by you as you attend to it.

These are not magic words. The attunements we offer you to frequency and to higher awareness of alignment are brought to you in your field first, in the auric field you hold. The encoding of the language that we work with you on is there to support you at every instant you require it. When you say the word “yes,” you go into an agreement with “yes” and all that comes with “yes.” When you go into an agreement with the language we teach you and the encoding of the language, which is implicit in the statements, you go into an agreement with “yes” as an energetic being. In fact, what you are doing is transforming your field to a new awakening that may be called to you in manifestation as you can hold it.

Now underline those words—as you can hold it. If we were to give you everything now, above and beyond what you could hold, you wouldn’t manage, you would become confused, you would seek to figure it out, and figuring it out, we say, is an aspect of the egoic self who needs all the answers.

In fact, what we are doing with you is raising your vibration in your own awareness so that you may claim the frequency and hold it because it is the truth of who you are. It always has been, yes, but the manifestation of God as you, the aspect of the Creator that may be known as and by you, which we will call the Infinite Self, will be known by you as it’s awakened to—and awakened, we say, not by the small self who wants all the answers now, but by the Divine as you.

If you really understand what we are saying, we are giving you a great gift. The truth of the teaching is that it may be held by you, and in accord with you, just as you are today. And the alignment to it, or the engagement with it as the life you live, is the gift you get.

You must understand, everyone, that you cannot hold an alignment without demonstrating it in the physical world. You cannot hold a truth and an awareness of who and what you are as your true self and continue to pretend that you are something other. And the agreement you are making here in this Class of Resurrection is to align at this level of awakening, to move towards manifestation as the Infinite Self in all aspects of your life.

Now we must explain this for you, for many of you decide these things, you seek to be provoked. “Well, what does it mean to be the Divine self? How do I know myself as this? What does my wife say about it? Will I keep the house that’s up for the mortgage? What will happen to me?”

The aspect of you that asks those questions is the egoic self, or the small self, seeking to say “no” to the integration of the Divine as you. And the gift of that, the awakening to this, the opening to this, to be as this, is that the small self has an awakening as well and realizes herself as part of the whole.

You cannot dismiss the aspect of the self that needs to brush her teeth every day, or pay the bills, and we have never asked you to. But we do ask that you integrate the claims that we make with you so you may hold it, and by the holding of it, by the very nature of the holding of it, the manifestation of your life as you know it here and now will transform.

“Does that mean I get what I want?” you ask. “Will I get the happy home and the new car and the spouse that is faithful?” If that’s what you require to grow, perhaps. And perhaps not. Because most of what you would decide that you require is born in historic data of what you think you should have, and the attainment of things in the world is never the fruit of true spiritual being. It may be the byproduct, in some ways, of being fully realized to know that your needs are met in perfect ways. But to get a bunch of stuff and call that realization is fairly ridiculous.                

What do you get, then? What becomes of you? What does it mean to be at this level of awareness? It means something very simple: that you have become as you are. As you are in truth, as you are in the awareness of the Divine, and as you can only be as the consequence of the integration of this teaching.

You will hear these words, if you like. You will dismiss them if you don’t like them. But what we are offering you on a level of frequency through attunement and sound and vibration is the resurrection of the self as the True Self, and the embodiment of this is where we wish you to know yourselves through. What is the embodiment of this? The awareness of the Divine in all manifestation.

“Does this mean you walk on water?” he asks. “Does this mean we become saints?” Of course not. You are looking for outcomes again. You are looking for product. What you get is yourself as you are in your true nature.

Now your true nature is built in many ways, but the fabric of it is the same. The aspect of the Creator that we know you as, we claim as the Christ, and the definition of the Christ we use is “the aspect of the Creator that may be known by you and as you in manifested form.”

He said, “You always said ‘physical’ form. Are you changing the language?” Yes we are, in fact. Manifested in form beyond the physical, the Infinite Self, which we will be bringing to you soon, is the embodiment, yes. But the reliance on physical nature to self-identity as becomes diminished because your awareness of who and what you are is so vast that you can’t contain it in the idea that the small self would have you believe, “I am flesh and skin,” “I am what I ate for breakfast.” “I am what my boss says about me.” Whatever you have named yourself as—and we use the word “name” intentionally—whatever you have named yourself as that is outside of truth, which means your true nature as the Divine being you are, will be addressed now by the Divine self.

Now we will explain what this means. When you claim the words we teach you—“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve. I am here, I am here, I am here”—you are claiming the Divine as you as the Divine Self in incarnation and in mastery. The claim of incarnation—“I know who and what I am and how I serve”—is accompanied by the claim of being, “I am here. I am here. I am here.” And in this announcement you have given permission to the Divine as you to claim victory over every aspect of the self that seeks to deny its own Divine worth. And what a joy this is.

Now some of you say, “well that’s not possible,” That sounds very nice, but if you attend to the teaching, you will begin to see that the life that you’re living is giving you opportunity every day to see where you deny your own worth, your own truth, the Divine as you. And how do you attend to this? What is the action you take in the face of these things? “I am here. I am here. I am here.”

Now for those of you that are new and don’t understand what we are saying, when we work with any of you we are supporting you in vibration, and the language we use has been encoded by us to bring you forward in your own Christed nature. For some of you, this means that you are forced to see how you’ve left the self in the gutter, how you’ve listened to others to tell you who and what you are. But the healing that undergoes itself in this process is the expression of the Divine as you, and those aspects of the self that believe you belong in the gutter, or should listen to what everybody else says will be brought forward for you to see, and for you to claim anew.

For those of you who are confused, we need to make something very, very clear. When you claim this language—“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve”—you are speaking as the Divine Self, not the small self who worries about her job, not the small man who gets angry at everybody when he doesn’t get his way, not the frightened being you were in the small nature you’ve held. But the announcement is made, and sung in fact, by the Divine as you. “I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve.” The following claim—“I am here, I am here, I am here”—is the announcement of the small self going “goodnight” as the Divine resurrected announces his name, announces her name, “I am here.”

So you don’t have to worry so much, you see, that you’re not getting it right because there’s not a damned thing for you to get. The claims are made as an echo through the field that you hold, and the one who is speaking the language as and through you is the Divine Self in its resurrected being.

Now the template we hold for each of you is informed by many things. We understand the requirements that each of you hold for being on this plane. We also understand that every one of you has come with assignments, ways of realizing the self through the broadcasts you hold, through the form you’ve taken, through the relationships you’ve engaged in. So we understand that the missions you come with are actually being attuned at this level as well.

You will understand finally, eventually we say, that everything you have done in your life has been calling you here. Everything you’ve ever done in any lifetime has brought you to this moment of a new creation of the self. So when we say to you, “we claim a template for you,” we are holding you as you can only be in truth.

Now understand these words: The Divine as you is never afraid. The Divine as you is never fearful of herself, has no investment in outcome as the small self has, and is always knowing its worth. The true value you hold, any human being holds, is the value of being. Anything you choose to do with that being or may be called to do will be to support the awareness of who and what you are in manifestation. But the being that you hold at the highest level available to you is the truth of who and what you are.

All form takes other form. All lives end. The buildings you sit in today may well not be here in a hundred years. They will have changed. You will have changed as well. But the vocation of the Divine is always the same, to be in realization of itself through your being, through your knowing, through your claim of truth.

So he* is asking a question, we will take it. “But why? Why aren’t we just here having a nice time? What’s the fuss? Why do we have to be this?” We are not telling you what you have to be. We are telling you what you are, what you have forgotten, what you have not claimed. As you claim it now, you bring the life you live into awareness of your true state, and your true state becomes the reflection of your being. You are one of millions awakening to her truth, to his truth. The plane you exist in now is being lifted, and everything upon it is being given enough light to transmute what has been held in darkness. The work we do and have been doing for thousands of years in preparation for this time is the awakening of mankind to its true nature, so he may claim his place, it may claim its place, at the true table.

What is the true table? The awareness of God, Spirit if you prefer, Love if you wish, but the awareness of All That Is, outside of the frames you’ve held that were born in fear and the belief that you are separate from the majesty of the Divine.

“Well, we’ve been separate a long time,” he says.

Here is the truth, friend. You have never been separate. Not one of you. Because it’s an impossibility. Do you hear these words? You are not separate from the Divine, because you cannot be, and the illusion that you are claims other illusions and you live in a world invested in illusion that you believe to be truth.

Here we are with you, just as you are, in this moment in time. Just as you are, wherever you are, you are in union with All That Is. You just don’t know it. We see it for you. We don’t witness you as separate, because you cannot be separate. We witness you as you are and can only be.

The Divine as you has come to be sung, and the words she sings are so beautiful that the whole world can hear them. You will say this after us, if you like. We are attuning the room, and we have a very big room for you tonight.

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.

I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve.

I am here. I am here. I am here.”

Now you will say this, if you wish:

“On this night I choose to be in realization of my union with all that is. And as I agree to this, I align every aspect of my being to this truth. And as I say “yes” to this, I align every aspect of my life to the availability to transform to support my own knowing of the union that can only be, is always true, is what I breathe and live as. And as I align this life, I exist in a new way, in an awareness of God or the Divine or the light that is in all. And as I am aware of this light, I become the light that shines upon the world. I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. I am here. I am here. I am here. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

Feel this, yes? You are taking the risk, yes, of claiming all, and what better risk to take? “What do we risk,” he asks? All you have ever thought to be true that was not true.

Here we go, my friends. We are lifting you each as you sit before us, and as you agree to this, we claim these words for each of you:

“We know who you are. We know what you are. We know how you serve. You are here. You are here. You are here.”

Lift as you wish. Feel yourself lifting, and say, “Yes, I am. Yes I am here. I am here. I am here.”

Now as we go forward with this teaching, we wish you to be aware of several things. You cannot hold onto the old just because it’s there. You cannot relish the old just because it was. And you cannot keep the old just because you’re frightened of releasing it.

“What is the old?” he may ask. We will answer that question: What was created in lower nature, what was required at a time that may no longer be supporting you on the journey you have claimed. We are not telling you to go change things. In fact that is not needed. But because you are rising, and the life that you live will have to reflect this, those things that you have carried, those relationships forged that no longer serve you, will be realigned with you or attended to in some other way.

Nothing happens at this level of attunement that is not to move you forward. Do you understand these words? As you have said “yes,” as you have agreed, as you have responded to the truth of who and what you are —“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve”— you’ll no longer justify what you needed two days ago, or who you thought you were when you were five, or ten, or even ninety years old.

Wherever you stand in this moment in time, you are new. And the things you see around you, see them as new as well, because the eyes that you see with will be claiming the new for you. That which is no longer needed will be released in perfect ways. Not by you at the small way you’ve known, but by the Divine Self who knows who and what she is, and who is here, who is here, who is here.

The last thing we will teach you tonight is about what you don’t need to worry about. You don’t need to be worried about what you’ve done, what you’ve claimed historically, the bridges you’ve burned or built. They mean nothing right now. And in fact, to look at them, and to re-associate as them, is the simplest way to call yourself back to your history. So you don’t need to worry. If there are actions you take to rectify something created in the past, you will be given the opportunity, or you will claim it in knowing of what you are required to do.

But the temptation, always, is to reinvent the self by looking again in the old mirror. “Oh that’s who I thought I was. I am still that woman. I am still that man. Help me, help me, help me. What do I need?” This is where we began the teaching, and we will close it here: What you need, only and always, is to know who you truly are.

We love you all. We know you all. We see you in your beauty. We see you in your truth. We see you in your right to be. We see you in what you have chosen and may now choose. We see you in your wisdom and in your folly, in what you’ve claimed and forgotten. We know who you are. We know what you are. We know how you serve. You are here. You are here. You are here.


* Paul

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