A Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon Today

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Happy Full Moon Everyone!

Today the Moon is full in the sign of her exaltation, Taurus, while the Sun is in the first degrees of Scorpio. Meanwhile, Venus has passed Jupiter and is now applying to conjoin Mars in Virgo. Let’s take a look at the archetypal symbolism of today’s full moon.

Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs, which means they are steady, solid, secure, or stubborn. Scorpio comes during the middle of Autumn and Taurus the middle of spring. Whereas Scorpio reflects the intense need for emotional or biological security that comes in the presence of Autumn’s death, Taurus reflects the need for material security, and pleasure or peace, that comes with the stabilizing of the spring season in all of its growth and flowering. Scorpio is the celestial house of Mars, and Taurus is the celestial house of Venus. We generally prefer life over death, peace over conflict or struggle, and harmony over contentiousness. This doesn’t mean that Taurus is better than Scorpio, or that Venus is better than Mars, for both planets and signs reflect the totality and mystery of the divine.

When it comes to watching these two signs oppose one another, the symbolism usually boils down to any of the following themes. Taurus wants to make things stable and peaceful and comfortable and will thus avoid, neglect, suppress/repress anything negative, dark, or disturbing. Not talking about it, suppressing the truth in the name of good appearances or wanting to give off a certain impression to others rather than acknowledging certain basic truths…these Taurean shadows may be especially strong right now given the dynamic tension from the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. Some good questions to ask ourselves might be…is this tactic or strategy honest, is it accepting of the darker realities of life or the situation I find myself in right now? Am I participating in a pattern of avoidance, or collusion with others to avoid pain or the hard work that may be necessary at this time? Am I trying to control the unpleasant facts to remain in a “good place” or to guarantee the outcome I prefer? Do I only reward or support people who inherently go along with my take on the situation. Do I only validate the points of view that make my life easy and unquestionably “smoother?”

The Scorpio season is fundamentally about loss. The loss of solar light or the descent of the Sun in the solar year. The fixed quality of Scorpio thus has to do with finding a sense of “okayness” amidst the reality of loss. Or, it has to do with loss so deep and profound that there is no way to avoid it’s complete dominance over us. Scorpio can thus be about the actual experiences of loss, the question of evil or moral depravity related to loss, the naturalness or virtue of loss, the philosophical or psychological meaning of loss, or the lack of wisdom related to how or why we lose things or why we fall away from the light. To exclude these archetypal realities in the name of mindless peace is to create a peace monster. Like a Stepford wife that finally short circuits and goes on a killing spree at the local gym…an image of peace as control…and Scorpio loves to see this image collapse like stars too must collapse into themselves.
On the other hand, Scorpio is a sign that can be unnecessarily suspicious, dramatic, dark, vicious, and vindictive. Taurus is the honest to god chill pill that relaxes the biological urge toward death, adrenaline, and fear. Not just a chill pill but something like resting power. The fullness of life and its total simplicity…here I am, I’m breathing, I’m not going to change shit about the basics, so I might as well relax and enjoy.

Greed and indulgence, power and loss, avoidance and difficult realities, what’s hidden and what needs to remain simple and open, beautiful appearances versus the darker inner reality, control and peace, the wisdom of fear and the ignorance of peace…

As Venus and Mars are coming together in the sign of the harvest maiden, and these are the rulers of our full Moon, let’s consider the idea that young people, in their simplicity, innocence, and lack of “adult” contrivances, may be an important mediating presence right now. Or let’s consider that the simplest and most wholesome way of approaching things, the one you have to think about the least..the one that is both peaceful AND honest, in some ways maybe even naive, is perhaps the right approach for now.

Prayer: Help us to remember that all peace and all power, all that gives support and all that takes it away, are ultimately beyond our control…in that place of honesty and humility, may we find comfort and guidance

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