A Diatomaceous Earth Party

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The Moon is in Virgo today, applying to conjoin Mars and Venus in Virgo by this evening.

Our house currently looks like a cocaine party gone totally wrong. A diatomaceous earth cocaine party, but don’t let that fool you because these kinds of white powder parties are as exciting as they come. The hangover involves (hopefully, knock on wood) ridding ourselves of the dogs’ fleas!

In the midst of this shit show I was finally able to understand how the calculation of Placidus houses work. Somewhere between vacuuming up powder and washing the floors this morning it hit me. I was able to conceptualize all I had been reading about. I laughed because I was in sweatpants, on the floor, trying not to snort up the fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae which were being used to eliminate small blood sucking creatures that (I swear) suddenly appeared after what felt like an oddly hot/solar flare kind of day a few days ago.

Last night on NPR I heard about a unique algae that’s been growing in the ocean of the Pacific Northwest, due to global warming. The algae carries a neurotoxin that’s been killing sea life and poisoning shell fish, crabs and other sea life. I literally heard this news not long after feeling like a strange solar flare/warming spell sent blood suckers into my dogs and all this quite literally, again, while I was dumping the fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae onto my rugs and floors.

Last spring something similar happened to me. One morning the lawn mower kicked up a rock and shattered the glass pane of our front door. I spent the entire morning carefully cleaning shards and had a number of important insights as a result of the forced labor.

The things we learn when we are forced to slow down the forward movement…when we are forced to recognize the mess we’ve created, or the unavoidable disaster (the discord in the stars), or the extent to which we don’t know and simply don’t understand.

It’s a simple thing that I was able to finally conceptualize how Placidus houses are constructed..all because I had to stop and occupy my mind with a different and more mundane problem standing directly in front of me.

Interestingly enough, on the car ride back from the vet yesterday, one of my first insights about the Placidus house system happened because one of my dogs barfed all over the back of my car and I had to spend time cleaning the cushions before going inside the house to begin cleaning the fleas again.

I don’t mean to suggest that the total devastation of our planetary ecosystems will be a great learning experience for us, akin to understanding how Placidus house systems work while cleaning up barf and fossilized algae sediment…but…maybe?

With three planets in Virgo, celestial house of Mercury, and with Mercury combust the Sun in the sign of the Scorpion, the kind of cleaning we’re doing is important. The kinds of realizations or conceptualizations, the hidden or not so hidden problems, the feeling of sinking or being sunk….the feeling of excitement and then the loss of control, “I got this,” turning into, “something’s GOT ME.” The kill joy, the quieter, the heavy silencer…these are instruments of an intelligence who cannot instruct us unless we are first put into the right position mentally.

Can we listen while we do whatever is unavoidably in front of us right now? Isn’t it possible that the drudgery of the process is the necessary noise for the emergence of quieter, subtler, and more eloquent but powerful truths…the kind of truth that rises up almost invisibly from the dust and dirt of some menial or less exciting reality?

We’re so eager “to know” that we forget that knowledge isn’t about obtaining some “thing” but rather it’s a practice of letting that which knows occupy our minds and speak on its own terms. Mercury in Scorpio is a fantastic friend to the busy mind…his sting quiets or silences, it numbs or cools, but it also washes away and opens to powerful and regenerative insights.

Prayer: The deepest and coldest level of hell is the deepest Buddha clarity…the crystal sharpness of pure ice…help us silence the mind and see as you see…please help our planet retain the powerful purifier of coldness, emptiness, and wintry relinquishment

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