My Prayer for the Year Ahead

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The Moon is in late Pisces this morning, about to enter Aries and make a trine to Mercury. So it’s a good morning for an announcement!

For the past two years I’ve written more than 300+ daily horoscopes and shared them with thousands of people, each and every day, through several social media platforms. If you’ve read my horoscopes or if you read them regularly, then you know what to expect from them. Each day I write about what’s happening in the sky, and I explore the symbolism both in terms of mundane or thematic predictions for the day as well as the deeper spiritual or psychological themes that might be present in our lives. Sometimes I share personal stories, and other times I reflect on the symbolic level of current events. Sometimes I make lists of things to watch for, symbols, images, themes, or patterns, and other times I write longer essays that engage with the planetary symbols for the day.

Last year at this time I decided to try to raise funds to support myself writing 300+ daily horoscopes in 2015 at a rate of $25 per day. It takes me anywhere between 60 minutes to 2 hours to write my horoscopes each morning. This is because most of my horoscopes involve a deeper level of reflection and philosophical, spiritual or symbolic research and engagement. As a result, a year ago, I asked all of you who read my work to support me for the year ahead. The kickstarter was amazingly successful last year, and while I don’t expect the same above and beyond results, it’s my hope that all of my readers will support me again at the same basic plan and rate. Today I’ve launched my 2016 Kickstarter and once more I will try to raise $7500 to support my work in the year ahead (again that’s $25 a day for 300 more horoscopes in 2016).

So here’s my best pitch for you. Have you read my horoscopes in the past year and gotten something meaningful or important from them? Do you read my horoscopes semi-regularly or even regularly? Have my horoscopes helped confirm the symbols or events happening in your life, or has my work helped you engage with astrology in a different way? Have you learned more about astrology through my work? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then please support me by contributing a donation to my fundraiser so that I can keep providing all of you with my best work in 2016.

As a kid I grew up on NPR campaigns. “If you enjoy this public service, then please donate to keep it streaming.” As someone who has to raise all of his own money to continue doing what I do, it’s never easy to ask others to support me. At the same time, I feel confident asking my readers to support me because I am 100% devoted to my craft, to my ongoing studies in astrology, to becoming better at what I do, and to sitting down each day to offer a service that I have seen as clearly valuable to many people.

The best way to support me is to donate $25, which is essentially saying “I’m going to pay you for ONE of your 300 horoscopes in 2016.” Beyond that, you can check out a variety of rewards I’m offering through the kickstarter page.

Over the next 40 days, until January 1st 2016, I will be entering into prayer for the renewal and growth of my work as a daily horoscope writer. If you can’t afford to support me financially, then please support me in prayer. Pray that my work be supported on all levels by goodness, wisdom, and truth!

As many of you know, each day I end my horoscopes with a prayer. So on this first day of my 40 day prayer for the renewal of my work, I’ll end the same way I usually do. And I’ll point you to my kickstarter below this paragraph. Find the link there, check out the cool promo video we made, and donate whatever you can. Thank you so much!

Prayer: Please support my work, deepen my craft, and bring me closer to the divine love in the year ahead, so that I might provide the best of my work for others and so that we might all learn more by the study of the planets and stars

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