Perfection in Astrology

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The new Moon is in Capricorn today, and is applying to a sextile with Venus and then a conjunction with Pluto by this evening.

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Meanwhile, I’ve been meditating a lot on the concept of “perfecting.” The term is used in astrology to describe two planets coming together by a degree based aspect. When the two planets are exact we say that the aspect “perfects.” And generally this is taken to mean that whatever the coming together of the two planets symbolizes, it will most likely occur or appear in reality when the perfection takes place.

The prediction might involve something of what’s already happened, something that is currently happening, and something that will happen, but whatever it involves the idea of perfection implies that we don’t fully know the truth of what the symbols are suggesting or signifying…pointing us toward…until it’s actually occurred.

For example…with the Moon separating from Mercury in Capricorn and applying to Venus in Scorpio, we might say that a recent conversation or communication (Mercury) is going to be transferred or shared with someone else (Venus) in order to gain a small advantage (sextile)…perhaps this sharing will happen inappropriately since Venus debilitated in Scorpio might imply secrecy, gossip, deception, or betrayal. This is just one example, but the point is that until the aspect “perfects,” until the events actually play out, we will not be 100% certain about what we’re seeing in the stars.

I think sometimes we miss the opportunity to reflect more deeply upon why it is that this is the typical way that every single prediction or description in astrology plays out. In other words, we have to ask ourselves why it is that symbolic prediction points toward something but it’s only when whatever astrology is pointing towards “perfects” that our symbols become “truly” reflective of something beyond themselves. Why would this be the design?

My own answer to this question is that the perfecting of symbols moves the invisible to the visible, and it unites the realm of the divine or the ideal with the earthly or mundane. Each time something “perfects” and we see the symbols unite something invisible with something visible, we are taking place in an ancient sacrament. This is completely different than using astrology to “figure out how the universe works.” Astrology isn’t first about “what will happen and how,” in other words, but rather it’s about “why” anything of this nature (astrology itself) is taking place. Because every single time something perfects in astrology we have the same experience…heaven and earth are reconnected. We didn’t even recognize they had been severed in our minds, but they had, and now through the contemplation of these symbols, and their perfecting, heaven and earth have come together again.

So astrology isn’t like trying to get a hobby rocket to sail above the telephone wires. Instead we’re taking something like cosmic communion, or we’re completing a ritual or sacrificial act whose purpose is always far more than successful prediction or mechanistic explanation.

When I see the perfection of the Moon translating light from Mercury to Venus today, whatever it ends up looking like, I will see the handiwork of divinity, and I will experience the reunification of heaven and earth. This is why astrologers don’t get so frustrated by being wrong. Because when the aspect perfects, we generally “see” what the symbols were actually signifying, if not what we thought they would signify, and again like every other moment of astrology, heaven and earth unite and something inside of us is filled to the brim. It’s the best kind of being wrong because being wrong hasn’t prevented heaven and earth from coming together. In fact, being wrong about an astrological prediction usually humbles the mind and increases the sense of worship, awe, and learning simultaneously. These experiences are like prerequisites in astrology for the advancement of symbolic thinking.

In this “wrong while heaven and earth are ever right” kind of way the symbolic mind “progresses” in its studies, and the completion or perfection of this study, exactly like the perfecting of aspects in astrology, happens on and on because we recognize that neither our rightness nor our wrongness is responsible for the unity of heaven and earth.
Symbolic thinking therefore becomes something like a form of worship, and subtly the language of astrology becomes a contemplation of the divine image. Our lineage deviates from the rationalists’ course and falls in line with the tradition of prophecy, where predictions are sometimes more like warnings, where language becomes poetry, and where all the results regardless of our symbolic analyses constantly reaffirm the most basic truth of sky gazing: “as above, so below.”
All of this being said, see if you can spot any of the following transits today. And remember if and when you do see the symbols “perfecting” that you are in a sacred place. Standing in that place, resting there for a moment longer, what do you remember or what truth is now gently presenting itself?

* The Moon translates light from Mercury to Venus…a conversation, communication, idea, or agreement, contract, negotiation, or verbal agreement…now being shared with or transferred to someone else…inappropriately or appropriately, for benefit and gain…taking advantage of or simply sharing? Gossip or secrets, confidential or trustworthy?

* The Moon translates light from Mercury to Venus…the discovery or passing on of insight, information, art, music, or an important or interesting idea…or two people coming to meet for the sake of some kind of positive collaboration, conversation, or meeting.

* Moon conjunct Pluto late tonight…the eruption of a powerful force from deep within, the revelation of something unseen, hidden, or mysterious…the dark motivation or intention exposed, or the empowering of a woman. Family secrets or power dynamics.

Prayer: Help us to notice the joining of heaven and earth, and may our study of these symbols once again rejoin our hearts and minds, guiding us back to the ever present path of perfection.

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