How Love Can Get You Out of Trouble

How Love Can Get You Out of Trouble
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Taking a trip into the mind of Luke Brown is a journey few have taken. He creates exceptional looking visionary artwork, many of which start out as hand-crafted prints and evolve into digital imagery, as you’ll see in the video. And while you might think he’s far out, we found him to be super cool, accessible and grounded, with many potent and useful insights to offer all of us.
We probably could have cut this Now Session into 6 or 7 different stories, and we may yet offer the full version later. But the most resounding message he kept coming back to was this idea of surrendering to love. We really appreciated this insight and found it incredibly relevant in light of what happened recently in Paris, California, and elsewhere. 
Living in a state of fear simply does not serve us – on an individual or collective level. As Luke explains in the video, giving in to fear literally could have killed him, but he chose the path of love and acceptance, and that’s what saved his life. 
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