Aboriginals Celebrate Sith Culture and More Sith News

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Many people don’t realize that authentic, aboriginal cultures have recognized the benign and spiritual nature of the Sith from time immemorial. Amazonian shamans often wear traditional Sith masks in rainbow colors to celebrate love and the unity of all things in the spirit world.


How many of you are familiar with the Berenstein bears? If you are then you may have just caught what might be a glitch in the matrix or a Force-based mind trick. Because those bears are now, and supposedly always have been, the BerenSTAIN bears. While I’m not usually a fan of conspiracy theories, this one, which suggests to some that we are living in simulated parallel realities is much more intriguing than most. posted an article about this.

Reliable sources in the Sith-American community (who asked not to be named but are allowing me to source them on deep background) have told me that what appears to be a matrix glitch is actually a rare, benign Sith intervention in collective human consciousness to further our evolution. The name of the bears has not shifted, but the Sith used a global mind pressure technique to plant a false memory in us that causes us to misremember the name of the bears as “Berenstein.” The purpose of this benevolent intervention is to show us that reality is largely an illusion and that we living in a Jedhi-manipulated matrix where nothing is as it seems and as we’ve been told.  The connection to the panda intervention millennia ago (see my main article on true Sith history: Sith Culture—An Interview with Sith Historian Sean Moffitt for more on the panda/Sith connection) is obvious once you think about it. The Sith always try to be as nonthreatening as possible and in both cases  warm and fuzzy bears are involved.

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