Ravens Are Watching You

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It was recently discovered that ravens possess the ability to think abstractly about other minds. This was previously thought to be only a human trait, but this news may strike many as not so surprising, considering that Ravens are easily high up on the list of scariest birds. This study published in Nature Communications describes:

Specifically, we find that ravens guard their caches against discovery in response to the sounds of conspecifics when a peephole is open but not when it is closed. Our results suggest that ravens can generalize from their own perceptual experience to infer the possibility of being seen. These findings confirm and unite previous work, providing strong evidence that ravens are more than mere behaviour-readers.

For Ravens this could be a huge deal. Knowing what others see would provide animals with an advantage when stashing their meals or looking for food. It also means they know when someone is watching….

To read more about how this study was conducted, click here.

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