The Planets Speaking Out

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The Moon is in Capricorn today, and there are plenty of aspects intensifying right now. A big weekend, heading toward our eclipse. Here’s what to watch for:

* Mercury and Mars are heading toward an exact square by late tonight/early tomorrow. Watch for aggressive communication, bullying, intimidation, idealistic angry rhetoric, exposure, disclosure, public embarrassment, humiliation, fear mongering, explosions of temper or emotion, tongue lashings, difficult news or communication or negotiating, road rage, violent thoughts or words, etc. Watch also for the courage to hold a steady mind, the courage to confront boldly but with poise, to communicate strong intentions with clarity, etc.

* The Sun is heading toward an opposition of Jupiter. Watch for philosophical, mystical, or spiritual inspiration. Watch for spiritual leaders to stand for or against something in the public eye. Watch for strong allegiances with a clear vision toward a better future. Watch for theological or mystical experiences that clarify or expand the mind. Watch for a powerful surge of hope, faith, and optimism, especially in contrast to something heavy, controlling, domineering, or dogmatic.

* Jupiter and Saturn are also moving toward their exact square. Watch for the competition between the old and the new, the young and the old, parents and children, different generations or styles of leadership, politics, religion, and cultural imagination.

All of these themes will become more intense as the weekend progresses, but watch especially how the Jupiter/Saturn and Sun/Jupiter themes expand as we get closer to the solar eclipse next week.

Remember that where we place our attention or focus, things grow. This isn’t the same thing as being ignorant or ignoring the difficult subjects or themes that might be pressing in around us lately. It’s simply a reminder that faith, hope, and trust in the guidance of the divine leads us through and around obstacles when we release the focus on what we despise and focus on the virtues that are always ends in themselves: patience, peace, kindness, humility, trust, courage, simplicity, affection, and forgiveness.

Prayer: Lead us through the never ending maze of anger and hurt, help us to remain humble and patient at all times, and teach us to value the courage of affection.

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