Lightning in a Bottle: Pre-Festival Coverage

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Lightning in a Bottle has sold out.  The much hyped arts and music festival begins next week at the San Antonio Reservoir Recreation Area in Bradley, CA and runs through the long Labor Day weekend.  Since its inception in 2005, Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) has achieved steady and exponential growth, this year offering the largest number of tickets, and as of last week, selling out all 20,000 of them.  

Along with titles such as “Greenest Festival in America”, Lightning in a Bottle holds a special place in the “Transformational Festival” scene.  Over the past 11 years, the L.A. based production company Do LaB has honed a potent recipe for its events and shares a bit about their evolution and mission here.

This year’s festival promises to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps with three main stages of electronic music acts that are only the tip of the many immersive experiences taking place.  Catch a glimpse here of the types of classes, workshops, shows, yoga, learning kitchen, and assorted environments that have made LIB one of the best produced events in the country.

The last time Reality Sandwich wrote a story on Lightning in a Bottle was in 2008 with attendance capped at 6,000 people.  How has success and increased attendance affected the festival experience?  What might an increased focus on conscious transformation at summer music festivals mean for society at large?  Stay tuned for a post-festival story that will explore these and other questions in greater depth.


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