How To Deal with an Atrocity

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Channeled by Paul Selig before an audience in Calgary, Alberta, on Sunday, June 12, 2016, the morning after the shootings in Orlando, Florida.

Now when we see things that we cannot comprehend as Divine Beings, we ask ourselves how can you? When we witness atrocity that we cannot imagine with the eyes you hold, we ask ourselves how do we lift your vision to what may be known anew?

Mankind has choice. You choose everything you see. You choose your meals, your homes, your partners. You choose your feelings in many ways as well. And when you decide that one life is worth more than another, or one life is worth nothing, you go into collusion with a frequency that we will call hatred.

Now hatred’s a very interesting thing to talk about and we have not discussed it through Paul directly, but perhaps this is the opportunity. When you hate, you actually align vibration in a specific way for one intent—injury, killing, violence. You’ve heard the teaching—“Hatred ceases not with hatred”—but you don’t really comprehend it because you cannot understand violence itself.

Violence that you see outpictured in your world is not caused by acts. It’s caused by conscious action that has been made manifest. In some ways what you do is lift your vibration or lower your vibration to an alignment where something exists that has not been made known and you call it into being. In that claim—“I hate you”—you collect the aggression from that field and you imprint it upon the one you see. The directed energy claims both the victim and the aggressor in that stream of frequency.

Now you understand free will. “Well, how come it happens? Nobody wants to be in a place where they will be harmed.” You don’t understand, though, that energetic accord trumps free will in many ways.

Now we will explain this. When you make a decision about what you are—“I am a Divine Being”—you are still acting in a collective. This room might be an example of a collective. You have a collective intent. You are here to hear us. If somebody were to come into the room shouting, you would ask them to be quiet. They are not supporting the need of the group to listen. That is a collective agreement.

There are many kinds of agreements that you undertake. Most of them are made prior to incarnation about the things you will learn through being assumed in culture or religious doctrine. “Oh, what a good opportunity to understand what this is about.” But do you walk into a room with an expectation of a party and expect to be murdered? Not at all.

“At what level is this agreed to?” Paul asks. “Why does this happen?”

It happens through choice, not subconscious choice, collective choice in some ways to be a participant in a cataclysm—you could call it that. And it also happens at the level of agreement from the one who has chosen to claim in hatred and call others to agreement to that violence. What you don’t comprehend—and may never comprehend, as far as we can tell—is your complicit nature to all of this through acquiescing to it.

We must explain what we mean. When you decide that you care for your family, but not the people over there who may be hungry, you are complicit to their hunger. Do you understand this? The subjective decision that you are here for yourselves first and foremost must be reckoned with, finally, if you are to ascend in consciousness.

The young man we call Dustin said something very interesting to him. “What would I do if somebody came at me? Would I protect another or would I go?” We love the question because it actually implicates everything that we have been teaching. The belief that you are separate from your fellows has resulted in your belief that you are separate from your Source. The belief that one life is more worthy of living than another is the cause of all war. The belief that one is wiser and has the right to decide for others is the cause of tyranny.

Now when you understand that what you are, finally, is immortal—and we are saying that intentionally, “finally, you are immortal”—you are less frightened of what happens to the bodies you walk around in.  And that’s a very good thing. However, we would say, your bodies are your accountability to being in form and you must attend to them as you must.

What you don’t see yet is that each one of you here, like it or not, is in collective agreement to any atrocity that occurs on this plane. “How could that be so?” you ask. “I didn’t do a damned thing. I was home doing the laundry when that thing happened. I was bathing the child. I didn’t know what they were doing.”

Here is the bad news. You are one. Finally, you are one. What this means is that how you perceive anything, anything at all, is in alignment to the level of consciousness you hold. And the level of consciousness you hold informs or makes so the very thing you see. Understand this, friends. The moment you know something—“Look at that man over there, he wishes to harm the girl”—you are in complicit nature to the very event.

Now if it happens on the other side of the world and you know of this, the consciousness you bring to the witnessing of the event challenges the event to stay as it is or be transformed by your very witness.

How do you attend to an atrocity is the question. By the realization of who and what you are as an aspect of God, and the claim you make on anything you see must be in agreement to that consciousness. How does God see atrocity? Without the emblemization that you would guarantee it. “This is a terrible thing” claims something as a terrible thing. The terrible thing serves to lower your vibration and reinforce a sense of separation that is a lie. Anything that happens that claims you in separation is an intention of fear. Do you understand that? The action of fear is to claim more fear, and as you get frightened and you go into agreement with the terrible thing, you are in fear and you are guaranteed more of the same.

“But what do we do?” he asks. You know who you are, first and foremost. You may be called to act, yes. How could you not be called to act if you see the woman being attacked by the man. Who in their right mind would turn their back and let her be assaulted? You don’t have to know why it’s happening. She may have provoked something. She may have told him something he didn’t want to know. But that doesn’t make anything right or wrong. You stop the  damned fight. You understand that? You can ask your questions later.

Who is right and who is wrong is ridiculous. Do you understand that? We have said this. We will say it again. Self-righteousness is always the small self being righteous, never the True Self. Do you understand that? Forget right and wrong, and let’s let go of good and evil because that confuses you, too. The grace you have as the one who gets to choose a name for any experience you encounter is made so because you are the chooser. When you decide what something is—“That is evil”—you are aligned to evil. Do you understand that? To claim hatred aligns you in hatred. To be in fear calls you to fear.

Now this is not a light teaching. Unfortunately it is not what we had planned for you. We would have been picking daisies if we could have done it our way this morning, but we were challenged by Paul to address the news. The news is not the issue. Do you understand that? The issue is how you comprehend it, how you choose to be in alignment to it, because to claim something as dark calls you to the darkness.

“But I don’t understand,” he says. “What is it, then?” It is rage and fear and the fear of the self being outpictured against others who one has claimed as fearful. The fear you have of yourselves, finally, is outpictured in the world you live in. If you are not frightened of death, you would not have 20 locks on your door. You would not have a bomb shelter in your basement. You would not be worried each time you meet someone new that she or he could harm you. Do you understand that?

You claim these things, but we live in a world where people do foolish things. People have guns, people get sick, they do terrible things. Understand this, friends. There is no one on this plane, finally, finally, finally, who is unworthy of being here. Do you understand that? You were born. You have a right to be, the one who is in the dungeon, the one who is in the  penthouse, it doesn’t really matter. You were born. You have a right to be.

When you realize this and you stop condemning one another, you can learn to love. But fear and love do not operate in the same octave, and each time you are called to fear you are asked not to love. Each time you are claiming in hate, you are asked not to love. And hatred, as it’s been said, ceases not with hatred.

The solution to war has never been another war. Do you understand that? “We will have peace.” You all believe that peace is the absence of war, and as long as it’s the absence of war, you are still claiming war as contingent upon your peace. Do you understand that? If war was not even present, not part of the equation, not part of the language you use to pursue conflict of need or vengeance or fury or greed—whatever it is it has claimed—the act of war in pursuit will be not known once you have aligned beyond it.

Here is the teaching as simply as we can tell it to you. The act of God that you know yourself as, the man that you are just as you are, the woman you are as you are, is here to be in participation to a new life where these things that you have known and claimed as true that were created in fear can no longer be. How is it gone, but to lift the consciousness to a level where they could no longer be created. God does not create war or hatred or vengeance or greed. These are the acts of the small self being abused and agreed to by the collective.

“My country is at war, but I am not.” You are in collusion to war. “That country is at war, but we are not.” You are in agreement to war. It is within your witness. How you perceive anything claims it as so.

Now this teaching is not done, Paul. He is not satisfied with our answers. “Why does someone go someplace hoping to have a nice time and then lose a life? Why does someone decide that they have the right to claim the lives of so many? Why are we taught to be so afraid?”

You are all claiming this and you don’t understand this. You cannot be a victim and a Master at the same time. The two things cannot be in agreement. Yes, something horrible happened, if you wish to call it as such. We would certainly not disagree to that. Yes it happened. But how you claim your relation to it as an opportunity to learn and change or as an opportunity to claim more violence and further separation is at issue here with anything you see. How you claim truth in any agreement will transform the agreement.

“Now is there truth in this situation?” Paul is addressing.

There has to be because the Divine is present in all things. Not in the way you might claim it or agree to it, but God cannot only be in the pretty things. It must be in all. We will say this. Many times you understand things as operating in low vibration. “This is an act of low vibration.” But as long as it is in vibration, it is still Divine, because God cannot only be the nice things.

How do you lift the vibration of what you see? “I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth, I am Word through what I see before me.” To claim the Word in what you see, to realize the presence or the act of God in the corner that is most dark, calls the light to it that is already present. The amplification of the vibration transforms what it touches.

Perhaps what is needed at times in history is complete re-creation. Perhaps it’s not fixing things anymore, making things the way we would like them to be. You all have a great investment in maintaining peace, but if the peace that you have is still contingent on the absence of war, you only have a temporary peace until the consciousness that claims war has been lifted to a higher way. So the maintenance of any status quo that is born in the agreement, “Let’s just keep it safe,” may be wrong minded.

“What is an example?” he asks. Sometimes an earthquake comes to level a system that is no longer serving truth. Do you understand that? You can only fix the system so much before you have to level it and start anew. We are not talking about destruction, but a re-knowing of what is without investing in what it’s been claimed as historically.

We talked to you about names yesterday and the power of names. “This is a table.” “This is an evil man.” Both things remind the form of your intention for it. It becomes an agreed-upon structure. Sometimes a structure must be made new.

“I know who I am in truth, I know what I am in truth, I know how I serve in truth” aligns you outside of the names given you by your family or your culture or your religion. Truth is impermeable. It is a force to be reckoned with. When you align as this you can claim it in other things.

When you look at the one before you and know who he is, know who she is, without fear, you know God. As long as you are seeing fear, you are seeing the absence of truth. Do you understand the teaching thus far? You may say yes if you do.


Then we will continue for a few more moments, and then you may say good mornings as you wish.

We will ask you this. Would you like to know if there’s a rainbow at the end of the storm? Always, always, always. There is always a rainbow at the end of the storm. Even if it is not seen, there is a rainbow.

So we thank you each for your attentive natures. We will return in a few moments. Period. Period. Period.

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