Mars Direct Day!

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Happy Mars Direct day everyone! In the next 24 hours Mars will begin to move forward again through the zoidac. Meanwhile the Moon has entered her exaltation in Taurus. Woohoo!

Here’s what to watch for:

* What has been severed or taken apart may start to come together again
* A revision or deconstruction process is nearing completion, or nearing an important turning point
* What has been blocked, stuck stubborn, and willfully defiant will now start to turn around
* A conflict from the past starts to resolve itself
* Something is ready for implementation
* Frustration and irritation is lessening
* “No” might be turning into a “yes” or a lack of motivation is turning into renewed interest and enthusiasm
* Something that was broken down is being built back up
* A renewed sense of purpose, meaning, or mission
* Beginning to dig ourselves out of a hole we recently dug for ourselves
* Feeling recharged, reborn, and raring to go!
* Beating an end level boss
* Regression ready to turn into progression again

Meanwhile, the Taurus Moon brings a moon/venus atmosphere into the mix today and tomorrow, which is like an olive branch in the midst of the Mars turnabout. Eventually the Moon will oppose Mars, but for today the Moon is applying to sextiles with the Sun and Venus. Because the Moon will be in a mutual reception with the Moon and Venus it’s a great day for compromises, sweetness, and beneficial exchanges that coincide with the Mars direct conditions above.

Prayer: Unify what has been divided, heal and join together that which has been cut apart, and renew within us the health of our purpose and passion in life.

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