Last Quarter Moon Releasing

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The Moon is in Virgo today, just past last quarter and beginning to release its bond with the Sun. As this takes place, the Moon will begin its application to a trine with Venus and then subsequent squares with Mercury and Saturn.

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Here’s what to watch for:

* The new, first quarter, full, and last quarter moon periods each produce a period of time where the Moon and Sun are locked together in a challenging dynamic with each other. Both lights support our lives, but both lights provide something different and reflect different energetic goals. While the Sun propels us toward our destiny, the Moon weaves the web of circumstances that we must learn to navigate en route to the soul’s desired outcomes. When the Sun and Moon are in their hard aspects, it’s as though we approach a crossroad moment, where our intentions are running into circumstances or environmental factors in a powerful way. Sometimes these moments help us move toward our goals and other times they thwart or challenge us. The last quarter Moon in particular is like a guardian at the threshold of completion, resolution, or transitions. Events conspire around the last quarter Moon to put something between us and simple or easy resolution, completion or transition. These challenges have to be studied very closely because they always provide the soul with material for its deepening and growth.

* Today the Moon is slowly releasing from the last quarter bond, which means the energy dynamics above should be starting to weaken and dissolve.

* As the Moon moves toward a trine with Venus today, we should see circumstances arise that are favorable or generally helpful, including positive developments in relationships, with allies or friends, in the home, or in our relationships. The Moon/Venus combination features the element of earth, and so we might see practical steps being taken to help us conclude or move toward finishing a process we’ve been working on.

* The Moon is also moving toward a square with Mercury and Saturn. As the Moon is in Mercury’s sign, we should also expect some challenging news, conflicting information or messages, challenges or aggression and rigidity in conversations or communication. It’s perhaps best to stay quiet and reserved rather than trying to address a conflict head on. It’s possible the conflict especially has to do with how to handle a negotiation process or the setting of terms or the way something is being organized or implemented. Just remember, this too shall pass as Mercury is moving ultimately toward a sextile with Jupiter and Jupiter and Saturn are moving together to form a harmonious trine in the weeks to come! Stay patient and avoid the temptation to make mountains of mole hills…cliched but true for this transit!

Prayer: Teach us to be students of our lives, each day, and thank you for the wisdom and guidance of the planets.

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