Mars/Uranus: Sacrifice and the Seeds of Division

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Mars is approaching a square to Uranus as the Sun approaches its conjunction to Mars.

More on this dynamic transit…

* The 59th hexagram of the I Ching, sometimes called “dispersion,” depicts the breaking apart or dispersing of divisive attitudes, motivations, and intentions within a group of people.

* In hexagram 59 the “King,” which we might think of as the higher and spiritual faculty of the mind, recognizes the danger of a hectic situation where selfish and divergent ambitions are driving people apart or against each other, and at just this time he undertakes a long voyage to his ancestral temple.

* Some commentaries also mention a great sacrifice offered up by the King. The sacrifice performed in sincerity has the effect of dispersing the troubles of the people and reuniting them.

* Mars being consumed by the fiery Sun, in its depression, in the sign of the changeable Moon, square to Uranus depicts the potential for whatever is most central or stable in our lives to fall apart. Our will power may not work the way we’d like it to, we may experience frustration with our old ways of doing something, or we may feel disempowered right now. It’s at just these times where there arises the temptation to force something, to make demands, to execute before thinking, or to act out emotionally without first reflecting on the best use of our time or energy.

* The Sun and Mars square to Uranus also depict the potential for selfish and divisive attitudes, corrupt officials or leaders, or impatient and iconoclastic behavior to hijack our progress.

* The 59th hexagram teaches us to recognize the appearance of the seeds of these troubles and then to burn them quickly in the fires of a great offering, journey or sacrifice. Too often in astrology we either read a transit in terms of its desirable or undesirable symbolism. People quickly respond to the challenging symbolism by saying, “I have that in my natal chart, and I’m great at it!” or they will respond by saying, “I have that in my natal chart, and so I know how bad it hurts.” We miss the point in either response that we are not astrological transits, and in fact our task is to learn to recognize the force of these celestial signs and to avoid the tendency we all have to become consumed by them, acting out the planetary dynamics blindly…driven by our desires and attachments or aversions and dislikes…round and round. The instruction of the 59th hexagram says to recognize the seeds of a divisive, forceful, rebellious, and destabilizing period of time, and at just such a time make a great effort and offer a great sacrifice.

* When we humble ourselves and offer something…flowers, incense, prayers, our time, our mindfulness, our kindness, a thoughtful action, quality time, a kind word, and when it requires courage and inner effort….we are effectively leading all the divisive, willful, impatient energies back under the guidance and centralizing power of God within us. During times of great division our abdication of willfulness has to be strong, consistent, and intentional…we have to cross a great stream, find the temple, and make the great sacrifice.

* No great sacrifice, no matter how great or how much effort, is shown to the world for the purpose of gratifying ourselves. So the 59th hexagram says the King crosses the great water and returns to the temple of his ancestors. In astrology this temple might be seen as the heart of the Sun…the invisible place that Mars currently resides as it prepares for death and rebirth.

Prayer: Help us to recognize the first seeds of division, and help us to take up our paddles and row ourselves straight to the invisible temple, where we might offer everything up to you, reciting your sacred names until they linger in our hearts again: love, peace, patience, and kindness.

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