Full Moon with Pluto

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Happy Full Moon everyone! The Full Moon is in Capricorn late tonight. Meanwhile, the Sun is opposite Pluto over the next few days.
Today an I Ching Meditation on the current planetary transits:

* Hexagram #16 is called “Enthusiasm,” and it depicts a rolling wave of thunder over top of the element of earth.

* The image represents the power of heaven to stir within the mundane, the habitual, and the every day, the spirit of renewal and regeneration.

* Is there any time more exciting than the time of enthusiasm?

* Hexagram 16 depicts a moment where new life, new ideas, new intentions, new actions, and the seeds of new activities are being set in motion with a spirit of excitement and awakening.

* The Sun is classically related to both rulers, leaders, fame, popularity, and public appeal, as well as true knowledge, the soul, and the path of illumination. Pluto is related to the powers of purgation, regeneration, depth, and intensity.

* When we put the two into an opposition with each other we may see the intensification of men, leaders, fathers, or ambition generally speaking.

* Hexagram 16 offers a warning about excessive enthusiasm: “too much enthusiasm gets people drunk.”

* We should, therefore, be careful right now that our will to power, our ambitions and goals, and whatever deep enthusiasm we are tapping into is tempered by discernment, modesty, patience, and foresight.

* We should also be careful that we are not seduced by the power of others or that we keep our eyes wide open to the powers of persuasion that are being used for selfish purposes. Enthusiasm is a powerful drug and not all that excites us fosters real spiritual growth.

* On the other hand, insofar as the Sun/Pluto and Full Moon represent a regeneration of insight, wisdom, and true knowledge, then we should notice where new life is rumbling within us.

* When intensity, power, and depth are coupled with wisdom, then the enthusiasm we feel rumbling within us will find its proper outlets and channels of expression. Rather than being dominated by the Pluto/Sun and Full Moon qualities, we will find ourselves brought to life by them.

* The descent of the Sun into Hades is also an invitation into the silent and invisible power of transcendental understanding. The Sun is luminescent and is therefore tempted to act like a one trick pony when it comes to its relationship with Hades. The glorious Sun comes shining forth from the underworld at dawn each day, and everyone everywhere says, “The King has returned! The King is born again!” The aura of victory, accomplishment, and dominion radiate everywhere and we feel quite satisfied that this is the only story worth telling. However, there is another story, and this is the story kept in the shadows of the Sun.

* Within the shadow of the Sun is the secret and invisible sting of death.

* Within the center of the Sun there is a black hole, and within this black hole the secret of secrets…who we are is not found in the rising or the setting, the victory or the defeat, the hero or the death of the hero.

* And how do we shine in the world without forgetting this quiet, modest, but just as powerful black hole hidden in the middle?

* Power without force, dominion without domination, life without attachment, death without fear…we are each stars whose light emanates from our long-ago deaths. We cannot forget our long-ago deaths.

Prayer: Help us to remember our long ago deaths, so that even while we look forward we are brought home again.

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