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After Patriarchy Collapses and Capitalism Crumbles

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The following poem is included in Michael Brownstein’s book Slipping the Leash, to be published this November by Dr. Cicero Press. Join Michael at The Alchemist’s Kitchen on Monday, November 20, where he will be reading selections from his book. The evening with conclude with a discussion with Daniel Pinchbeck about issues raised in the poems. Learn more. 

After patriarchy collapses

And capitalism crumbles

We won’t be wage slaves anymore

Instead we’ll do whatever brings

The famous archaic smile of prehistory

To our lips and that’s what we’ll

Call work because after patriarchy

Collapses and capitalism crumbles

Greed will melt away like evil ice cream

Leaving no trace, not even in museums

And with confident, unarmored hearts

We’ll gladly share what we have

With whoever shows up at our door

As long as the light of what used to be

Called God shines in their eyes


After patriarchy collapses

And capitalism crumbles

An easygoing form of baseball

Will be the prevailing sport and we

Won’t care much who wins or loses

Because all of us, players and spectators

Will succumb to the mystical dimensions

Of the game, and after patriarchy collapses

And capitalism crumbles, significant others

Of every possible sexual inclination

Will trust the way physical intimacy

Brings out the best in us

Because who’s kidding whom

We’re alive for a limited time only

And we own no one

And no one owns us


After patriarchy collapses

And capitalism crumbles

We’ll get lost in each other’s

Trickster minds and bodies

Free to touch and let go

Touch and let go, sliding in

And out of kaleidoscopic embrace

As we make our way through

All of eternity like the stars

Like the clouds and the wind

Finding that our finicky personas

Matter less than we suppose


After patriarchy collapses

And capitalism crumbles

We’ll lead a life we can barely   

Imagine now, a strategy developed

Tens of thousands of years ago

By two-leggeds who roamed

Through jungles and forests, their

Longhouse kids raised communally

Leaving room for a wide-open journey

Without our usual rage for control

While making sure to care for

And pleasure everyone


After patriarchy collapses

And capitalism crumbles

Nation-states will disappear

Humans streaming back and forth

Across abandoned customs checkpoints

Sharing skin colors and songs

Copyrighted by no one while we

Mingle on a never-ending playground

Stretching across the face of the Earth

A panorama without zoos or prisons

Without addiction to the profit motive

Without spending our productive years

Amassing and then guarding wealth


After patriarchy collapses

And capitalism crumbles

We’ll be closing in on  

Clear-eyed, gracious, humble lives

At last finding a way to be sane

Together on this psychoactive planet

(“Heal me Mama, Mama heal me”)

While from far and wide

Throughout the infinite universe

Alien beings on millions of worlds

Beyond the constraints of space and time

Will look down at us in wonder

At what we’ve been able to pull off

Against all odds

And applaud



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