Sun/Pluto/Venus at Last Quarter Moon

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Venus is now cazimi, at the heart of the Sun, and will travel with the Sun very closely in this condition over the next several days. As it does so it will conjoin Pluto. Meanwhile, it’s the last quarter Moon right now, as the Moon travels through Venus’ airy temple of Libra.

Here’s what to watch for:

* The reaping AND sowing of karma related to love, romance, sex and sexuality, friendships, agreements, contracts, and alliances.

* The urge or desire we’ve tried to repress rearing up from the shadows to remind us…you haven’t let go until you’ve really let go of something.

* Betrayal, jealousy, secrets, gossip, lies, manipulation, coercion, and exposure, leaks, or disclosure.

* Finding or starting a new relationship, fated, losing or ending a relationship, fated, or experiencing a fated relationship crucible.

* Decisions that feel like life or death. Termination, expiration, bottom lines, and the need to eliminate things that do not feed the soul.

* Growing up, maturing, healing, deepening our relationships.

* Vanity, superficiality, exposed.

* An important new allegiance, meeting powerful people or allies.

* Bad deals, buyer beware, all that glitters is not gold. Karma related to materialism.

* The transformation of our aesthetic, style, or image…the look or appearance becoming more authentic, real, minimal, earthy, or mature.

* The empowerment of women, the feminine, women in power, the “dark feminine.”

* Mystery, eroticism, and power.

* The receiving of a new artistic vision, the muse appearing and saying “create this.”

* Powerful, subversive pieces of art, fashion, film, fiction, etc.

* Venus and the King, Venus as Queen, Venus is given executive privilege.

* Renewal and rebirth for all things Venus.

* It’s also the last quarter Moon today and tomorrow in Venus’ sign, so we’re moving through a kind of harvesting moment related to Venusian things, while Venus is also in the process of being born again. It’s a unique transit and should make for interesting headlines in the next few days, as well.

Prayer: Place in our hearts the vision of your love. Burn whatever stands in its way within the flames of your peaceful, compassionate, and fierce love.

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