Take an Online Seminar with Occult Philosopher Gary Lachman

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We’re pleased to announce to the Reality Sandwich community that longtime RS contributor Gary Lachman, author of Dark Star Rising, will be joining the Nura Learning community for a 3 part online seminar, “The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination.” Starting on Saturday, November 17th, this online class is a deep dive into imaginal studies. Students are assigned readings and participate in  3 live, interactive Zoom seminars with Gary on Nov. 17, 24, and Dec. 8th. 

What, exactly, is this lost knowledge?

When we hear the word “imagination,” what do we think? Mostly we tend to see the imagination as a substitute for reality, as a form of wishful thinking, a pleasant alternative to the hard facts of life. Or we see it as a way of developing novel ideas, of being on the “cutting edge” of technology, a way of making things “bigger and better.”

But this is not the only way to understand the imagination. For poets and scholars like Kathleen Raine, Henry Corbin, Owen Barfield and others, the imagination is not a substitute for reality, but a means of grasping its essence. For them, imagination isn’t a form of “make believe,” but a faculty of cognition, a way of knowing things that would otherwise remain unknown.

This course should enable the student to have an understanding and experience of the imagination as a cognitive faculty, as a means not of “make believe,” but of becoming aware of dimensions of reality that would otherwise remain unavailable to them.

The student should also understand how this has been a part of western culture throughout its history, but that how in relatively recent times it has been marginalized in favor of a more narrow and diminished idea of imagination.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to take a deep dive with an occult philosopher!

Learn more and register here

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