Phantastica: Psychedelics on France 24

Phantastica: Psychedelics on France 24
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Psychedelics on European TV

Stéphanie Chayet, journalist and author of Phantastica, went on France 24 last week to talk about the shifting ideas around psychedelics and their therapeutic applications, known as psychedelic therapy. Research centers in Europe (such as Imperial College in England) have been conducting studies on psychedelics for decades. However, the majority of the initiatives have been in the United States.

Chayet’s book and appearance on France 24 is another strong indicator that psychedelics are entering global mainstream consciousness. 


Chayet’s book, Phantastica: ces substances interdites qui guérissent (these forbidden substances that heal), explores the forgotten history of mescaline, LSD, and psilocybin mushrooms.

The title of her book refers to the name with which psychedelics were introduced to Western medicine in the early 20th century. Chayet argues that these substances could have revolutionized mental health as far back as the sixties. Despite this incredible medical potential, negative propaganda and racial profiling resulted in their banishment.

Today, it appears that psychedelics are getting another chance to revolutionize health care.

During the short interview on France 24, Chayet talks about the remarkable success that psychedelics are having in clinical trials. New research paints a more favorable and honest picture of psychedelics.

It was clear from the correspondent’s questions that educating the public is necessary. Most people, even in the United States, fail to grasp the impact that psychedelics are having on medicine. They’re still operating under contrived narratives. However, the news of their effectiveness is spreading across the globe. People are curious and want to know more.

Chayet’s book (currently available only in French) aims to educate the public about the historical and scientific relevance of psychedelic drugs. 

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