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Aliens and Entities Not from DMT: Pentagon UFO Task Force

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Proponents of psychedelics like DMT have been encountering entities like Machine Elves, inhabitants of another dimension accessed within the DMT trip, for centuries. These encounters are well documented and common among DMT users, and have appeared in accounts of DMT trips from around the world. Many DMT users have also reported making contact with aliens, communicating with them within that other dimension. 

2020 has been wild, to say the least. Nothing has gone as planned, and as soon as things seem like they couldn’t get any crazier, somehow they do… Every once in a while, the US government drops a blatant hint that they have knowledge of extraterrestrial life and technology, and it’s happening again. No, this time it’s not a powerful DMT trip, this time alien life is being investigated by the government. 

Pentagon UFO Task Force

In June, The Pentagon officially released three filmed encounters with UFOs, confirming that leaked footage of similar encounters from years previous was indeed real.  The Senate Intelligence Committee voted to have the Pentagon perform a public analysis of the encounters a few days after the release, emphasizing that finding out more about the origins of these unidentified aircraft is of the utmost importance for general security and public knowledge. 

Not much is known just yet, but Pentagon officials have promised to share information as it is acquired. If reports that The Pentagon may have gained access to parts of vehicles “not made on this Earth” are true, studies on extraterrestrial technology could already be underway. Unlike in the past where the public has been left to speculate and create answers for themselves, this new UFO task force signals the beginning of a more transparent era on the part of the government. And although the Navy officially claims to not believe in aliens, they have created an formal guidelines for reporting unidentified objects in US airspace. They stated, “The Navy is updating and formalizing the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognizant authorities.”

If you’ve been waiting for aliens to make contact, perhaps 2020 is your year. With alien life receiving official government attention now is an incredible time for space and alien enthusiasts everywhere. Not only can we now be pretty sure that we are not alone, but we are also closer than ever to beginning to understand how and why aliens could be visiting our planet. And with the government officially involved, aliens – like psychedelics – are moving out of fringe counter-culture and into the mainstream.

Featured image commissioned by RS from Kaitlin Sobiesiak.

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