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The Theatre Research Ensemble, a group of socially-conscious performers sponsored by New York City's Interdependence Project, kicked off their new “InterActs” series by practicing sitting and walking meditation in a Port Authority subway tunnel.

The first of four Public Meditation sessions to be held this spring, the events aim to “awaken our audiences' imaginations about what meditation can be and the benefits of beginning a regular practice,” said Josh Adler, Director of Arts and Communications for the Interdependence Project.

Every month, a group of meditators will meet in different locations in Manhattan and connect their awareness to issues in the community. The issues will be expressed as scenes of contemplation intent on encouraging conversation and creative prosperity among both participants and witnesses.

“We're trying to combine meditation, arts and activism, which is the full scope of the Interdependence Project,” Adler said.

Last November, the IDP held a 24-hour Meditation Marathon in the display windows of ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway to the surprise of many passers-by.

More information about the InterActs series and upcoming events can be found at and




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