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Souldish NYC: 8/11-15

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This week on Souldish, be sure to check out the Roots & Dub On The
River Cruise, Psytrance lovers, and Tekno Feel Ya.  Also, coming soon in
September, CoSM is holding a weekend retreat/celebration, Honoring the
Divine Feminine.

Please send events to:  salma (at) souldish (dot) com.

))Souldish Featured Events((

==Sunday August 29==

Roots & Dub On The River 4 Ethiopia

A Nyc Boat Cruise For The Jrdc Shashamane School Presented by Ital Productions

Come join Ital Productions & Rocks Off Cruises aboard the Half
Moon for a Concert Experience on the Waters of the Beautiful NYC Harbor.
Roots & Dub on the River 4 Ethiopia is going to be a Sunday
Afternoon Boat Concert Cruise with Incredible Music for a Great Cause.
Foundation Artist Ranking Joe will be on board, along with 2 of the Best
Roots Reggae Bands in the Universe, out of the Virgin Islands(Bambu
Station) & Washington DC(The I*ternals). We also have 3 Diverse
& Talented DJ’s, Heavy Roots & Dub Selector Livity
International, East Coast/West Coast Collective I&I Vibration’s Jr.
Castro, & DJ dakynd. Proceeds from this Event will go directly to
the Blessed JRDC Shashamane School in Ethiopia. All Tribes Welcome. Come
enjoy some Roots & Dub Reggae on the River & help support
Ethiopia in late August.  More Info on how to get your Tickets and Info
on the JRDC Shashamane School Below.

Boat Boards @ 1:30 Sharp!

Cruise 2:30pm- 5:30 Pm

Skyport Marina, Manhattan Nyc

East 23rd St. & F.D.R. Dr.

6 & L Subway

JRDC School / Shashamane Foundation School

==September 10-12==

Honoring the Divine Feminine

Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions.”

— Starhawk

This weekend we celebrate the gloriously diverse forms of the divine
feminine – open-heartedness, fierce compassion, creativity, the courage
both to love and to face the shadow. Come join in a warm, supportive,
sacred circle in which we will share our goals, hopes, joys and fears as
we empower each other in our transformative journeys. We will explore
how we can restore right-relationship to our mother, Gaia, the Earth,
and delve into how archetypal expressions of feminine consciousness,
such as Sophia, Shekhinah, and Shakti manifest themselves in our art,
spirituality, activism, sex, nutrition, parenting, conscious
entrepreneurship, medicine and healing. We will dance, chant, laugh,
cry, and give voice to the divine river that runs deep within each of

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share a few powerful days with
an extraordinary group of inspiring, visionary women, including
eco-heroine Julia Butterfly-Hill, psychiatrist and author of Weekends at
Bellevue, Julie Holland, Omega Institute co-founder Elizabeth Lesser,
and legendary counter cultural figure “Mountain Girl” Carolyn Garcia,
among many others.

Meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch) and morning yoga classes
are included. As the autumnal equinox draws near, you may camp in the
natural beauty of CoSM’s 40-acre property, or enjoy the comforts of a
nearby hotel. This is also an excellent teaching moment to share with an
adolescent, especially mothers and daughters of all ages. The sacred
masculine is invited to join in celebrating the Divine Feminine.

“God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.”

— Gloria Steinem

$375 Includes all workshops, activities, meals, facilities, camping Friday & Saturday nights.

$300 Includes all workshops, activities, meals, facilities, sleeping offsite.

(Contact CoSM for hotel recommendations)

After August 21:

$425 Includes all workshops, activities, meals, facilities, camping Friday & Saturday nights.

$350 Includes all workshops, activities, meals, facilities, sleeping offsite.

For information:

Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 845.297.2323

46 Deer Hill Road

Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Please email [email protected] with any food allergies you may have.

Special Guests:

Julia Butterfly Hill became the most internationally recognizable
figure in environmental activism when she brought attention to the
plight of one of the world’s last remaining ancient forests by climbing
180 feet into the branches of a 1000 year-old redwood tree and refused
to come down for over two

Rebecca Hoffberger is the Founder & Director of the American
Visionary Art Museum, America’s official national museum for visionary
and outsider art, located in Baltimore Maryland.

Elizabeth Lesser is the Co-Founder and Senior Adviser of Omega
Institute, the largest adult education center in the United States
focusing on health, wellness, spirituality and creativity. She is the
author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow and A
Seeker’s Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure.

Julie Holland, psychiatrist and author of best-selling autobiography,
Weekends at Bellevue: Nine years on the NIght Shift at the Psych ER.
Julie’s topic for the weekend is the title of her next book, Moody

Sheri Winston’s mission it is to transform our cultures attitudes
about sex. She is a medical professional, a sexuality educator and
author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.

Carolyn Garcia, known as Mountain Girl, is a former Merry Prankster,
wife of the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead and first hand
historian of the Magic Bus of the late 60’s and all of its riders.

Annie Oak is the founder of the Women’s Visionary Congress, an annual
event in Northern California featuring visionary healers, scholars,
activists and artists who explore the leading edge of consciousness and
sustainable social change. She will speak on the reverent use of
psychedelics and the power and awareness acquired during menopause.

Mary Rockwood Lane, R.N., Ph.D. is a bee priestess, artist, author
and nursing professor. She is the founder / director of the Arts in
Medicine program at the University of Florida Medical School and teaches
Creativity & Spirituality in Healthcare.

Parashakti, dancer, yogini and spiritual seeker and community leader,
originated the powerful, life-changing Dance of Liberation¨, which
integrates shamanic journeying, hands-on healing, drumming, global
music, sweat lodges and fasting to dissolve all barriers to a joyful

Kiana Love is a healer and educator who began Be Wild Woman, and
community committed to the feminine inner wisdom, from the abandon and
joy of a child to the ferociousness of a protective mother, through
events that include herbal gardening, women’s circles, and celebrations.

HuDost is a commanding experimental Indie World Rock group. The
diverse musical styles of core musicians, Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade
Hines, weave a seamless tapestry that cultivates that nameless longing
that abides somewhere in our hearts.

Kate Raudenbush, artist and winner of five Burning Man commissions
for interactive sculptures, works with themes of social commentary,
history and mythology. Kate shapes enveloping interactive environments
utilizing laser-cut steel, acrylic, wood, mirror, sound and light. Her
sculpture, “Altered States,” graces a meadow at CoSM.

Janet Morgan, internationally exhibited artist and dancer, paints
supreme beings as part of her Gods and Goddesses Project. Morgan paints
historic deities and also invents her own, like the God of Safe Sex and
the Goddess of Disgusting Jobs. With over 175 paintings in the series,
these large watercolors, bold and raw, haunting and serene, are a
celebration of the sacred for the 21st century.

Allyson Grey, artist, writer and editor, is co-founder of CoSM the
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, the wife and partner of internationally
renowned artist, Alex Grey, and mother of film actress Zena Grey.

Susan Buck, award-winning journalist and businesswoman, has been
documenting CoSM since 2006, and taken an active role in all aspects of
general management and event production.

Barbara Biziou provides women with empowerment tools and rituals for
moving through life’s passages . She is the renowned author of The Joy
of Ritual and an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker.


))Other Events((

==Thursday, August 12==

International Body Music Festival

The International Body Music Festival will have a special performance
at Lincoln Center.  Clap, Slap, Step and Sing: The International Body
Music Festival Concert Lincoln Center, New York City August 12, 2010 
From the tundra to the tropics, people can’t resist the urge to snap,
clap, step, holler, and sing artful music. This universal resonator—our
bodies—and its myriad global sounds ignite audiences of the
International Body Music Festival in Concert at Lincoln Center, August
12, 2010. Body music old and new will be unleashed by Oakland, CA’s
Slammin All-Body Band, Brazilian ensemble Barbatuques, Inuit
Throatsingers Celina Kalluk and Lucie Idlout and African-American
Hambone artist Derique McGee.  It’s music you can see, dance you can
hear.  It’s the oldest music on the planet, and brand new.  Produced by
Oakland-based Crosspulse (, the International Body
Music Festival is the first gathering of its kind anywhere, an
unprecedented concert program of four distinct Body Music styles from
throughout the Americas, including an explosive collaboration between
Slammin All-Body Band and Barbatuques.  Beyond the compelling history,
musical variety, and physical artistry of body music, “It’s really about
being human. It’s a very visceral connection with all these different
people. We’re all playing our bodies,” Terry reflects. “I’m excited
about all these styles going on around the world, and I’d like more
people to see them and enjoy them. It’s a reminder of our humanity on a
very basic level.”

August 12th –

7:30 p.m.

Lincoln Center NYC

132 W 65th St

==Thursday, August 12==


Is this what they mean my dog days of summer? I get so hot that I get
cranky. I also get cranky when I don’t make enough time in my life for
making things. Very cranky. Especially with all these delicious projects
in my plans: finish cute denim skirt, knit socks for winter, knit back
to school sweater, make meditation “altar”, not to mention all the fun
food things I dream of with all this gorgeous produce busting out all
around me. Cranky & hot, but I still can’t wait to craft with you.  I
can’t sing the praises of Spacaecraft  enough: friendly open beautiful
space, tons of supplies, great creative spirit. Spacecraft is a big open
space with a huge table to spread out around. They have lots of
supplies and materials for sale in case you forget something, and they
have a backyard.  This will be our usual casual drop-in meeting, come
any time, or for any part of the time, bring a project you would like to
work on, or just come check out what everyone else is up to. Bring
snacks, friends, kids, anything that inspires or fuels your creativity. 
Can’t wait to see you Thursday!  Your Humble Servant, The Very Esteemed
Callie Janoff

(6p-9p, donation)


355 Bedford Ave., BK

==Friday, August 13==

Morley, Imani Uzuri, DJ Rekha and more …

Morley has an angelic voice and her music is uplifting and beautiful.   You may be smitten too.  Highly recommended.

(7p – 9:30p, $10)

Le Poisson Rouge!/event.php?eid=132453276797490

==Saturday August 14==

Tekno Feel Ya

The summer is hot and the parties are flowing!  Next weekend Surreal
Estate kick it off with a Friday the 13th THREE floor extravaganza. 
Featuring a Chillout Hookah Lounge, Rowdy Rooftop, and 3D Lair where our
very own Electrik will be playing the latest in Progressive Psy and
Full On…plus many more including a special treat from Victor the fire
fanatic.  See below for full details.  The fun continues Saturday night
as a new collective embark on their journey… tekno•feel•ya: an after
party for Disorient’s Boom Boat and Bacteria Records Third Ear Training
2.1.  Only 5 minutes away from where the Boom Boat pulls ashore, a new
exploration of Psychedelic Techno commences in the heart of Lower
Manhattan.   Featuring:Friar Tuck, Gavin, Third Ear…and many more. 
There will be air conditioning.

21+ w/ID

(8pm-late, Free before 10pm, $5 after)

RSVP for Exact Location @

==Saturday, August 14==

Wild healing art herb walk at the Walt Shamel Garden Art Show

Experience, see, create art in the wild woman corner & herb
garden.  Join us for a fun, creative  Brooklyn community event
straddling the neighborhoods of Prospect Heights & Bed-Stuy &
Crown Heights.  Kiana Love, founder of Be Wild Woman is delighted to
partner for the second year with the Walt Shamel Community Garden
cultivating a Women’s Healing Herb Garden and offering herb walks &
healing circles.  Featuring:
Wild Woman’s Healing Art Herb Walk with Kiana Love of Be Wild Woman
12-1pm.  Explore mother natures healing art.  Discover the natural wild
beauty s of common weeds & herbs.  Learn how to unlock your
creativity and heal your life with natures abundant gifts.  Use natures
inspiration to create your own healing art in the be wild woman healing
art station.  This women centered walk welcomes all ages & genders. 
Be Wild Woman’s Healing Art Corner; Be inspired by womens wild natural
art.  Embark on a wild herb walk & take in natures art.  Set your
healing intention & create your own wild art.  Let your womagination
run wild.  1-7   Bands, Artists, Food, Live Sculpture.

Walt Shamel Comunity Garden Annual Art Show

1095 Dean between Franklin & Bedford

==Saturday, August 14==

Solar Panel Workshop – Make a Solar Panel

From Wyldon Fishman at NYSES – New York Solar Energy Society.  Teach
the teachers. Train the trainers. This is a terrific program to bring
into the upper grades.  The next “Make a Solar Panel” workshop will be
on Saturday, August 14, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. This is a great opportunity
to fully understand the simplicity of making a solar panel. Each
participant solders several of the Evergreen string ribbon chips
together forming the chain. All the soldered chains or strings are
surrounded by a “bus” to pick up the charged electrons and bring them
around to the two wires that come out of the back of the panel. What
takes us a day, a skilled worker completes in one hour working in the
method developed by Dr. Richard Komp at Grupo Fenix, Nicaragua, and
taught by him in remote areas in India, Africa, Central America and,
soon, Peru.  Our instructor, John Burke, has assisted Rich and furthers
the mission begun at the Maine Solar Energy Association. Join us at
NYSES, 5270 Sycamore Avenue, Bronx, NY. Cost: $95.00 includes lunch and
plenty of refreshments. The panel we finish is contributed to an
educational organization.  Please pass this invitation along to your
friends and post it to the science departments. Students understanding
the basic principles can go on to make the alkaline battery recharger,
cars, etc.

Sign up today at with PayPal or call the office (917 974 4606) to reserve your space.

New York Solar Energy Society

The solar resource network

5270 Sycamore Avenue, Bronx,

917 974 4606 ; [email protected]

==Saturday, August 14==

Gemini & Scorpio and NY Gypsy Festival

Balkan Bacchanalia on the High Seas…Join us as we raise the massive
square-rigged sails of New York’s only Tall Ship for a surreal dance
party on the high seas. Rebuilt from original plans borrowed from the
National Archives, the 160-foot Clipper City, with its masts rising 135?
off the deck, is a faithful replica of the clipper ships that plied
America’s waters more than a century ago.  DJ Joro Boro, the king of the
EthnoMesh Megalophonia sound (as heard at the infamous Bulgarian Bar,
on KEXP radio, and at numerous underground parties), spins alongside
special guest from Germany, DJ KK, mastermind of the Balkan Express and
Favela Blast parties in Cologne.  Expect wild music to delight your
ears, colorful costumes to delight your eyes, full cash bar to delight
your gullet, and plenty of surprises to delight your soul. Find yourself
face to face with the Statue of Liberty with a cocktail in one hand, a
dance partner in the other, and towering sails soaring above. Dress:
gypsy fabulous (though we’re taking it easy on costumes this time).  100
cruise tickets available for advance presale, 25 more at the door,
first come, first served. We highly recommend buying your tickets early.
Rain Date: Sunday, Aug 15 at 9:30pm.


[11:30pm boarding, 11:45pm-2am boat party w/cruise, $30 adv/$40 dock (limited tix)]

Aboard tall ship Clipper City,
Pier 17, South St Seaport,

Official site:



Taste of last cruise:

==Sunday, August 15==

Camp Beaverton: Camp for Wayward Girls (a burning man camp fundraiser)

Hosted by Maggie C.  Hi NYC Burners -AbbySugar here, Assistant Mayor
for Camp Beaverton, the queer women/lesbian/trans/gender-variant camp on
Playa. We’re having two huge fundraising events in the next week, and I
want to invite the whole NYC Burner Community to come out and party
with us! Even though we’re a women’s focused camp, everyone and anyone
(of all genders and sexual orientations) are always invited to come
visit us on Playa and join our community and events during the Burn and
outside of , with all donations going towards Camp Beaverton.  What:
Fundraiser event, featuring music, a raffle, kissing booth, and more. 
Camp Beaverton: Camp for Wayward Girls hosts a safe space, workshops,
events, and a queer oasis for women and trans people of all sexual
orientations (straight included!) on Playa, including our now legendary
Strap-on-a-Thon. Since we are a relatively new camp, we need to purchase
all our equipment for a shade structure, dome, kitchen area, generator,
sound and lighting equipment for the Burn. Please come to our
fundraiser.  We have a Kickstarter page up! Visit our page to learn more
about the camp, who we are, our history, and to DONATE! 🙂 Even if you
can’t make it to our Fundraiser in NYC, thank you so much for a donation
through Kickstarter.  If you are a Wayward Woman or
trans/gender-variant person attending Burning Man and would like to
learn more about us and/or camp with us, you can email me directly or go
to the website, find us on FB, and on Google Groups.  Please donate if
you can, or come to our Fundraiser on August 15th, and pass this message
along.  Love and Dust – AbbySugar xx

Stiletto Girl Party, Maritime Hotel Cabanas

88 9th Avenue (At 17th Street)

When: 15 August 2010, 3 pm – midnight!!


==Sunday, August, 22==

Earth Spirit Walk

Connect with the Earth Through Shamanic Ceremony.  Hiking Along the
Palisades Ridgeline Overlooking the Hudson River.  Harmonize with the
Cycles, Rhythms, and Energies of the Earth.  Explore the Wisdom, Power
and Magic of Nature.  Rejuvenate your spirit.  Exercise your body and
quiet your mind.  Restore balance and energy flow.  Explore shamanic
ceremony and practices.  Develop tools for relaxation and inner
guidance.  Transcend the stresses of everyday life.  Gather with
like-minded community. Treat yourself to an adventure in nature.  Join
us at a powerspot on a plateau overlooking the magnificent Hudson River
where we will participate in shamanic ceremony and meditative journeying
to restore inner balance, deepen our connection with the natural world,
enhance our intuitive awareness of the invisible, and elevate personal
power for transformation and healing.  Walk includes a short, steep
hike.  We will be taking breaks for teaching, sharing, and experiential
exercises.   Joey Levine is a leader of the New York Shamanic Circle and
founder of DreamLab, a workshop inspiring people to live life in a
fully alive state of joy, peace and well-being.

Please bring water, a snack, and a journal.  Registration required.

(1p – 5p, $60)

Beautiful Rockland County, NY (near Nyack)

Approximately 45 minutes from NYC by car.

Carpools & public transport available including rides from

Tarrytown MetroNorth Train Station.

Directions to gathering provided on registration.

Contact:  Joey Levine (917) 548-7073

Email:    [email protected]

==Wednesday, August 25==

Wild Rooted Woman  Program

Transform Your Body into A Wild Sanctuary during this 9 Week
Tele-Journey.  Are you uncomfortable with your body? Do you feel
vulnerable.  Is it hard to feel safe or at ease in your body.  Do you
wish it would just do what it is supposed to do, ie., let you
thinner..more attractive…stop hurting?  Would you like to….awaken to
pleasure, feel nourished, supported, loved, sexy?  Let go of pain fear
& self doubt?…Love your body?  When I discovered I had fibroids my
body had already been “yelling”-with ovarian cysts, painful, heavy
cycles, and urinary incontinence. Learning how to reclaim my body helped
me move from feeling anxious, depressed, ashamed & uncomfortable
with my body to feeling innocent, self confident, empowered, sexy &
free to express myself. I know it can help you too.”   Gain the support
and knowledge you need to reclaim your body & give birth to you. Let
go of pain. Access your body’s wild wisdom & discover your natural
healing capabilities. Feel safe and comfortable in your body Develop
your wombing toolkit to create safe nurturing space, ask for what you
want, & feel good about your body. Transform your womb into a wild
sanctuary.  Incorporate easy to use healing tools into your everyday
life:  * reflexology* meditation* yoga* massage* chakra work* energy
healing* journaling* nutrition* herbal healing* intuitive art* healing
rituals.  Create a safe foundation within & become more
self-confident. A healthy womb is essential to your sexuality,
self-worth and joy. Wombing gives you the support & freedom to be
wild.  Heal your relationship with the feminine. Claim your mothering
gifts to nurture yourself. Gain access to your creative energy and fully
experience your joy. Its time for you to give birth to you.


Beginning Wednesday, August 25th 6:30-8:00 EST  3rd Monday of month 7-8:30pm

==August 27 – August 29==

NYC Esoteric Gathering

With Ralph White, Christopher Bamford, Richard Geldard, Dorothea
Rockburne, John Anthony West, Steve Bass, Mitch Horowitz, Ellen
Goldberg, Alvin Holm, John Lloyd, Karl Lorenzen and Peeka Trenkle
painting by Frederick Church, 1877Today, interest in Western Esotericism
is rising. Fifteen years ago, when the Open Center initiated its series
of conferences on the Western Esoteric Tradition, there were very few
gatherings that sought to bring alive the beauty and depth of this
profound worldview. This weekend aims to be both a conference and a
celebration of the resurgence of this great path.  We will reflect on
the significance of the Western Tradition within the contemporary
cultural landscape, complete last year’s exploration of Inner America,
and look forward to next year’s Esoteric Quest for Ancient Alexandria. 
As there is no Esoteric Quest to distant and exotic lands in 2010, the
Open Center felt it would like to offer a homegrown esoteric weekend
right here in New York City at the tail end of the summer, the time when
so many Quests have taken place.  Please join a rich complement of
speakers as we build esoteric community, meditate on America’s early
spiritual communities and writers, and deepen our knowledge of ancient
philosophy, geometry and art.  Presentations Include:  • The Arrival of
Rosicrucianism in America• Emerson and the Alexandrian Neo-Platonists•
Sacred Geometry and the Library of Alexandria• Tarot and the Western
Hermetic Path• Alexandria’s Influence on the Patterns of Islamic Art in
Andalusia• The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, and• a walking tour of
Esoteric New York City

($ Prices and schedules vary)

NY Open Center

22 E. 30th St

==Wednesday, September 15==

The Transition Movement – From Oil Dependence to Community Resilience

Bring others with you to hear an informative and inspirational talk
by Michael Brownlee, who was instrumental in bringing the Transition
movement to the United States from England, and who is co-founder of the
first Transition Initiative in the U.S., in Boulder, CO.

(7p, see website for details)

==Thursday-Sunday, September 16-19==

Introduction to Transition

This program provides a comprehensive overview of the Transition
model for decreasing oil dependency and building local resilience – its
premises and practices, along with an experiential introduction to the
“head, heart, and hands” of Transition.

Genesis farm

See website for details:

))Public Service:  Community Gardens((

The OASIS mapping website — the only source for interactive community
garden maps across New York City — now displays the latest inventory of
gardens from GrowNYC.  You can search for any of almost 500 community
gardens at  More
information, including a tutorial for accessing the garden maps, is
available at

The inventory is the result of a year-long effort by GrowNYC to
survey gardeners and GreenThumb staff about the most up-to-date status
of each of 483 community gardens throughout the five boroughs.  It is
being made available on OASIS in time to provide valuable context and
background for activists, elected officials, the media, and others who
are evaluating proposed rules for the gardens that will have
far-reaching effects on whether these gardens will face development
risks or not.

When you zoom to a garden on OASIS, the maps and related information
will identify its protection status under the expiring rules (adopted in
2002) and which agency (if any) has jurisdiction over the garden. Each
garden mapped on OASIS is profiled with information about when it was
founded, what is grown there, and if you can volunteer. If you’d like to
start a new garden, you can also use the OASIS maps to obtain helpful
information such as property ownership, nearby resources such as
schools, and surrounding land use patterns.

In addition to community gardens, OASIS’s maps show the locations of
almost 150 gardens located on school property.  The NYC Community Garden
Mapping Project (CGMP) at GrowNYC (formerly Council on the Environment
of NYC) has been inventorying and monitoring community gardens and open
spaces throughout the city since 2001, making this information widely
and publicly available via the
<>  mapping site.

For more information about the GrowNYC community garden database,
contact Lenny Librizzi at 212-788-7927 or [email protected]  For
more information about OASIS, contact Steven Romalewski at 212-817-2033
or [email protected]

))Weekend Retreats((

==October 1 – 3==

Come to beautiful central Virginia to learn about the earth centered
devotional path with Trishuwa, Earth Keeper and Metis of Irish and
Cherokee lineage.  We will meet together at the Bridge Between the
Worlds outside of Charlottesville, Virginia for a time of Prayer and
Ritual with:  The Ancestors and Gate Keepers of the Four Directions, And
the creation of a sacred circle invoking the powers of the Directions: 
Eagle, Coyote, Bear and Buffalo.  Participating with the invisible and
creating your life territory, your plan for living in partnership with
Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of our Relations.  The weekend will
explore:  * Showing Up for Life   * Being in Relationship with the
Visionary, the Warrior, the Sage, the Lover, the Compassionate Leader,
the Elder   * Asking for guidance, personal instructions  * Devising a
course of action * Exploring Accountability and Awareness–Speaking the
truth–What you stand for * What is my intention right now?  And Consider
these Questions:   * What kind of warrior am I?  * Will I self examine
and mature into my true self?  * Will I steward that which needs, that
which serves all life?  * Maturing questions–Who am I? What am I?   *
What does it mean to cut away the false until free?   * Is my invitation
to life on a deeper level than choice? What is needed? * What is my
intention right now?  Trishuwa works with the ceremonial forms of
communicating with the invisibles of the world-Sweat Lodge, Sacred Pipe,
Vision Quest and the Medicine Wheel.  She is Ceremonial Director of the
Church of Gaia and founding member of Foundation for Gaian Studies.  As
a young child she lived near San Juan Pueblo in New Mexico, along the
Rio Grande.  While living there she had her first visions that have
guided her throughout her life and are the foundation of her work.  She
is of mixed blood; Irish, Cherokee, African American and English.  Her
genetic mixture and spiritual visions influenced her to advocate the
inclusion of people of all races in indigenous ceremony. For more
information, click here.

For more information about Trishuwa and The Foundation for Gaian
Studies, click here.  Resource.    * Building Soul Force, Harnessing
Love   * Earth Centered.  Devotional Path with Trishuwa  * Monthly Talks
on Shamanism in a New Age  * Shaking Down Trauma, Finding Peace *
Workshop Registration  * Hotels in the Charlottesville Area *
Information on How to Make Payments to MettaKnowledge  * Story and
Healing in Action: Embracing Diversity with Compassion in our
Workplaces:  * The Art of Surviving Compassion Fatigue   * Exploring
Spirituality on the Front Lines: A Workshop for Personal Exploration in
Troubled Times

COST: $275 (includes meals and refreshments; lodging not included);
$75 deposit due upon registration.Earth Centered Devotional Path with

Bridge between the Worlds Retreat Center, Charlottesville, VA

To register   For more information on the workshop and local housing
options, email [email protected] or call 434-227-0538


==Saturday, August 14==

Turn Problems in to Solutions: Permaculture Design wtih Andrew Faust

Permaculture Design Certification in NYC with Andrew Faust and
Guests; Presented by  The Center for Bioregional Living and Andrew
Faust.  Highly Recommended by Souldish.  This course is for you.  We
need you and every conscientious and motivated person to learn the tools
of Permaculture so that we may all begin to help move this world
forward Today.  We believe it starts with having the skills and vision
to re-imagine and re-design our landscape and society.  We are not
waiting for government and big business to solve our problems.  The
solutions are already all around us.  Join us for this life changing and
paradigm shifting course that will provide you with inspiring career
paths and abundant ways of living.  We love to talk to prospective
students about what sets our course apart and makes it so life changing.
Send us an email, give us a call! We look forward to speaking with the
future designers of society.

This course will cover the core 72 hour Permaculture Design
curriculum, including additional hours of in class and out of class
activities to adapt this course to our region and to contemporary
ecological issues in the United States. You will learn how to apply
Permaculture principles to a diversity of settings and issues with an
emphasis on urban and temperate environments.  This Permaculture design
course provides a positive and empowering vision for social and
ecological transformation.  Come be inspired by the possibilities of
today and not by the fear of tomorrow.

Permaculture:, •is an ecological design science that provides
insights and practical techniques for living a fruitful and abundant
life.; •is addressing the major issues of our day from a whole systems
perspective.; •is a worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate
local ecologies and economies.; •is a solution oriented ecological
approach to retrofitting our societies.  This course is perfect for
motivated individuals who wish to use the tools of Permaculture in urban
and rural environs as well as for modeling sustainable and regenerative
businesses.   Lectures, extensive and diverse handouts, field trips and
hands-on activities:  Urban redesign and retrofit, passive solar and
natural building,inner-city gardening techniques, indoor and apartment
gardening, indoor mushroom cultivation, fermented foods, whole foods,
Living Machines and natural waste water treatment, niche market and
cooperatively owned business ideas, rain gardens, living roofs, rooftop
gardens, how to clean polluted air with plants, biogas generators,
Bioregionalism and regional self reliance, the economics of
globalization, evolution of life on earth, history of agriculture,
Biodynamics, natural history of Eastern woodlands, woodlot management,
watershed health, the integration of animals into cultivated ecosystems,
and so much more.  To receive a certificate students must attend all 11
classes and present a final Permaculture site design. Students will be
given the option to present their final design individually which is a
different approach than most PDCs. In our experience, and from what our
growing number of students say, this contributes to a more practical,
professional and intellectually stimulating learning experience. As a
result a number of our student’s final presentations have gone from
paper (or electronic presentations) to actualized, real-world designs.

Andrew Faust is one of the premier Permaculture teachers and
designers in North America with nearly two decades of experience in the

Guest speakers will include:   Keith Morris is an organic farmer,
builder, and environmental educator. For the past five years, he has
been designing and establishing an edible forest garden and ecological
homestead in Johnson, Vermont along the Lamoille River.  Prospect Rock
Permaculture combines reforestation, wildlife refuge, and ecological
restoration with food production and community building, while educating
about and experimenting with sustainable techniques and ways of building.  Lisa DePiano is a certified Permaculture designer
and co-founder of the Montview Neighborhood Farm, a human-powered farm
and edible forest garden in the Connecticut River Valley. She has a
Master’s degree in Regional Planning from the University of
Massachusetts and likes to ride with the worker owned Pedal People in
Northampton, MA.  Mark Krawczyk is a permaculture designer and educator,
natural builder, traditional woodworker and ecological landscaper who
resides in Burlington, VT. He has worked with leaders in these fields
throughout North America and the UK and is a member of Seven Generations
Natural Builders collective. In addition he owns and operates Keyline
Vermont – a sustainable farm design consulting business,  a small
woodworking/chair making company – Riven Wood Crafts and is the
co-founder of the local permaculture and sustainability-focused
community group Burlington Permaculture.  Rafter Sass of Liberation
Ecology has facilitated workshops on social project design, Permaculture
design, the economics of globalization, mycology, and wild foods and
medicines. In his own words, “I do this work because I want to be in
conversation with people who are hungry for change, and the tools for
making it.”  Bill Young of Young Environmental LLC is a recognized
leader in the environmental field with more than 25 years of experience
as a project manager, designer, and wetland specialist. His expertise
includes habitat restoration on disturbed lands, wetlands monitoring and
construction, botanical inventory, wildlife assessment, streambank
restoration; and erosion and sediment control.  Lars Chellberg of CENYC
and Water Resources Group builds and maintains low cost Rain Water
Harvesting systems across the five boroughs and leads educational
workshops on sustainable water practices. He will be leading a tour of
one of the systems he designed for a community garden in the Lower East
Side.  Paula Hewitt Amram is the founder of Open Road Park in the Lower
East Side. She will be talking to us about the transformation of a
former bus depot/brownfield into the thriving community garden Open Road
park is today.

Together this teaching team brings a wealth of wisdom and a diversity
of experience ranging from city to country, forests to deserts and
beyond. Come and learn from the premier practitioners of ecological
design in the Northeast and be a part of the

growing community of cutting edge designers and community leaders.

Tuition $1000

Payment plans are available. Please inquire.

$100 paid in advance to reserve your spot

11 Sessions – August 14 – October 10

August 14, 15, 21, 28, 29

September 4, 11, 12 18

October 9, 10

All classes will be held on either Saturday or Sunday from 9am to 5pm and will be held at:

Sixth Street Community Center

Lower East Side Manhattan

638 E. 6th Street between Ave B and C

For more information or to register, email [email protected]

The Center for Bioiregional Living

Ellenville / Brookyn, NY


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