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Evolver & Reality Sandwich along with openDemocracy present… 

Light & Shadow: Exploring Personal & Cultural Transformation 

Join Charles Shaw & Michael Garfield for an evening of inspired storytelling, live music, and engaging conversation about those parts of ourselves we would rather not face…but must, if we are to thrive in an ever-changing world.

"I have become a pilgrim to cure myself of being an exile."

– G.K. Chesterton  

Charles Shaw: "Charting the Spiritual and Political Awakening of the Evolutionary Subculture, and Giving Voice to the Lives of the Disenfranchised."

Charles Shaw will be discussing his book Exile Nation and related topics like the drug war, the prison system, and shamanic medicines, with a particular focus on the role of the Shadow in our own awakenings and healings, and its role in this Evolutionary Subculture as a whole.

In addition, Charles will be taping interviews for The Unheard Voices Project, a video archive of interviews with prisoners, ex-offenders, family members, and notable experts on the human consequences of our drug and criminal justice policies. Through stories of perseverance, hope and healing, Unheard Voices will showcase the cultural holocaust known as the War on Drugs.

Charles Shaw is the author of the critically-acclaimed Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality and Director of the Unheard Voices documentary project. His work has appeared in Alternet, Alternative Press Review, Conscious Choice, Common Ground, Grist, Guerrilla News Network, Huffington Post, In These Times, Newtopia, The New York Times, openDemocracy, Planetizen, Punk Planet, Reality Sandwich, San Diego Uptown News, Scoop, Shift, Truthout, The Witness, YES! and Znet. In 2009 he was recognized by the San Diego Press Club for excellence in journalism.

Unheard Voices

Exile Nation


Michael Garfield: "Evolution, Art, & Activism in an Age of Transition"

Weaving together a multi-disciplinary map of human consciousness with his dynamic acoustic-electronic balladry, Michael playfully deconstructs the boundaries between self and other to offer a rare perspective on the crisis and opportunity of our age – an emerging worldview in which each of us is a crucial participant.

Trained in evolutionary ecology only to become a performance painter, essayist, and cyber-troubadour, integralist Michael Garfield is intent on demonstrating how everything is equally art, science, and spiritual practice. Writing on the creative intersections of human inquiry and expression, his combination of independent research and cohesive multimedia communication point the way toward an integrated exploration of time, life, and mind that straddles communities, ignoring battle lines drawn between transhumanism (H+ Magazine), integral philosophy (Integral Institute), technoshamanism (Reality Sandwich), popular culture (D/Visible Magazine, Colorado Music Board), and academia (University of Kansas, John F. Kennedy University).

Electronic Press Kit (bio, videos, calendar):

Tour Diary:



Please visit the pages of each Evolver Regional for specific times, locations and additional program info

Nov  8 – Philadelphia

Nov   9 – New York City

Jivamukti Yoga Studio, 841 Broadway, 2nd floor 10003, 7pm  

Nov 17 – London (joint event with openDemocracy)

*indicates non-Evolver event


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