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Souldish NYC: 9/1-13

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))Souldish Featured Events((

==September 3==


A weekend of Music-Yoga-Community and Creativity.  The 4th annual EVOLVE Music and Yoga Festival (www.evolvefest.com
is a festive gathering for progressive, fun-loving and visionary
people who wish to celebrate their creative human potential and explore
ways to make life on Earth more harmonious, joyful and sustainable!
The Evolve vision centers on our power to move forward as ONE family,
aligning with our Planet and with all beings. Get ready- we are on the
verge of something massive- we are on the edge of something profound and
extraordinary in every sense!  (We can all participate in what may be
the most significant event in the history of the cosmos- the birth of a
new being, Universal Human. A Universal Human is one who is connected
through the heart to the whole of life, attuned to the deeper
intelligence of nature, and called forth irresistibly by spirit to
creatively express his or her gifts in the evolution of self and the
world.  Humans today are undergoing the process of emerging from a
cultural cocoon/tomb of over-consumption as beings capable of
co-creating a new world that is sustainable, compassionate, and
life-affirming. Our present generation has the ability  to consciously
evolve in ways that are magnificent beyond imaginings!)

==Weekend of September 10 – 12==

Honoring the Divine Feminine

This is going to be a very special event and I highly recommend this
because Allyson has put her heart and soul into this herself.

“Through the Goddess, we can discover our strength, enlighten our minds, own our bodies, and celebrate our emotions.”
— Starhawk

This weekend we celebrate the gloriously diverse forms of the divine
feminine – open-heartedness, fierce compassion, creativity, the
courage both to love and to face the shadow. Come join in a warm,
supportive, sacred circle in which we will share our goals, hopes, joys
and fears as we  empower each other in our transformative journeys. We
will explore how we can restore right-relationship to our mother,
Gaia, the Earth, and delve into how archetypal expressions of feminine
consciousness, such as Sophia, Shekhinah, and Shakti manifest
themselves in our art, spirituality, activism, sex, nutrition,
parenting, conscious entrepreneurship, medicine and healing.  We will
dance, chant, laugh, cry, and give voice to the divine river that runs
deep within each of us.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share a
few powerful days with an extraordinary group of inspiring, visionary
women, including eco-heroine Julia Butterfly-Hill, psychiatrist and
author of Weekends at Bellevue, Julie Holland, Omega Institute
co-founder Elizabeth Lesser, and legendary countercultural figure
“Mountain Girl” Carolyn Garcia, among many others.  Meals (Friday dinner
through Sunday lunch) and morning yoga classes are included. As the
autumnal equinox draws near, you may camp in the natural beauty of
CoSM’s 40-acre property, or enjoy the comforts of a nearby hotel. This
is also an excellent teaching moment to share with an adolescent,
especially mothers and daughters of all ages. The sacred masculine is
invited to join in celebrating the Divine Feminine.  This is an
excellent teaching moment to share with an adolescent, especially
mothers and daughters of all ages. The sacred masculine is invited to
join in celebrating the Divine Feminine.

“God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.”
— Gloria Steinem

(all weekend beginning Friday evening, $374 includes meals)
Day Passes are available through the website
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
46 Deer Hill Road
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
To see the schedule and bios please refer to the CoSM website link below:

Facebook RSVP page:!/event.php?eid=124769834221895&ref=ts

Please Note:  To secure a spot, I highly recommend that you purchase
your ticket early as registration is limited in order to keep this
event intimate.

==Heard through the Grapevine==

Julia Butterfly Hill and Pete Seeger at CoSM…

In an unconfirmed rumor, Pete Seeger, iconic  American folk singer
and conscience of the Hudson River Valley, will meet eco-artist and
earth activist Julia Butterfly Hill at CoSM’s Honoring the Divine
Feminine Opening Ceremony Friday, September  10th. Recently confirmed,
Flordemayo, of the world renowned Thirteen Grandmother’s, will offer a
blessing at that same Opening Ceremony.
Don’t miss this historic first at CoSM.

Click Here the visit the official Honoring the Divine Feminine event page

))Other Awesome Events((

=Wednesday, September 1==

Energetics of Food:  How Our Food Becomes Us

At the Interdependence Project, guest workshop with Lara Adler .  
Join special guest teacher Robert Chodo Campbell for meditation,
teaching and discussion exploring the topic of generosity, a key
practice in the Buddhist Path.  We will discuss the fear that surrounds
both giving and receiving and offer practices that empower the
individual and communities.  How do we determine the quality of our
food? Is it price? It is slick packaging or special presentation? Is it
home-cooked or from a fancy restaurant? How might the ways in which
our food is grown or raised influence us as individuals? Which foods
are the most nourishing to our spirits, and which ones may contribute
to feelings of helplessness, depression and anxiety? Which foods are
grounding and focusing, and which foods impart light, flexible energy? 
In this workshop, we’ll discuss the inherent qualities of the foods we
eat, along with how the ways in which they are grown, raised,
harvested, and prepared, might impact and influence our mental,
physical, and emotional health. We’ll cover practical ways in which you
can shop for foods that positively contribute to your health and
well-being and which are abundant in positive energy. You’ll learn to
apply the fundamentals of food energetics to your daily life, allowing
for more balanced physical, mental, and emotional states.  Lara Adler
is a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in conscious, ethical eating
and helping individuals bridge the gap between belief systems and
practical day to day life. She guides clients through a journey of
self-discovery, teaching them to heal themselves through whole foods
and healthy living.

(7 – 9p, $20 ; $17 IDP Full Members; $13 IDP Sustaining Members)
The Interdependence Project NYC
302 Bowery

==Friday, September 3 – Monday, September 6==

Working with Your Enemies: Finding Freedom from Hostility & Fear

With Sharon Salzberg and Robert A.F. Thurman.  An enemy, whether
within (in the shape of a habitual, painful mind state) or without (as
someone for whom we steadily feel antipathy or fear) marks the edge
between limited lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and
equanimity and the potential boundlessness of these qualities. In
exoteric Buddhism, “the enemy” is personified by “Mara” the devil, whom
Buddha overcomes through the skillful application of wisdom and
compassion.  In this workshop we will consider how Mara is dealt with
in the Holy Teachings of Vimalakirti as well as how Mara is viewed in
other Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings. We will explore inner and outer
enemies, look at the fear, anger, and anguish generated by being stuck
in a mode of “us” and “them”, and focus on the liberation we are
capable of. There will be periods of dialogue, discourse, question and
answer, and meditation practice.  Sharon Salzberg is cofounder of the
Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts. She is one of
America’s leading spiritual teachers and authors, and has been a
student of Buddhism since 1971, leading meditation retreats worldwide
since 1974. Sharon’s latest book is The Force of Kindness, published by
Sounds True. She is also the author of Faith: Trusting Your Own
Deepest Experience, published by Riverhead Books; Lovingkindness: The
Revolutionary Art of Happiness and A Heart as Wide as the World, both
published by Shambhala Publications; and co-author with Joseph
Goldstein of Insight Meditation: A Step-by-Step Course on How to
Meditate (audio), from Sounds True. For more information about Sharon,
please visit: 
Robert Thurman is Professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies at Columbia
University, President of Tibet House U.S., a popular lecturer on Tibetan
Buddhism, the translator of many philosophical treatises and sutras,
and author of numerous books including the national bestseller, Inner
Revolution: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Real Happiness; Anger, the
fifth book from a series on the Seven Deadly Sins, offered by The New
York Public Library and Oxford University Press. His most recent book
is titled Why the Dalai Lama Matters: His Act of Truth as the Solution
for China, Tibet, and the World, published by Atria Books/Beyond
Words.  Tibet House and Insight Members receive a 10% discount on
tuition.  Limited partial scholarships available—call Michael Burbank
at 845-688-6897 ext.7513 for more information.

Tuition – $425 (per person);  $383 (THUS members)
Three-Day Accommodations – Arrive Friday, depart Monday. Fee includes housing and gourmet vegetarian meals.
Event Info:
Site Info:

==Saturday, September 4==

Positive Pressure 2

Come out and shake those booties for the one and only Mayur next
Saturday along with all the other amazing artists at Positive Pressure 2
at National Underground.

We’re returning to take the next step…

(Midnight-late, $5)
National Underground
159 East Houston St. between Allen & Eldridge

==Saturday, September 11==

Pirate Adventure on the High Seas

Presented by Gemini & Scorpio

Join us as we raise the massive square-rigged sails of New York’s
only Tall Ship for a surreal dance party on the high seas. Rebuilt from
original plans borrowed from the National Archives, the 160-foot
Clipper City, with its masts rising 135? off the deck, is a faithful
replica of the clipper ships that plied America’s waters more than a
century ago. Expect wild music to delight your ears, colorful costumes
to delight your eyes, full cash bar to delight your gullet, and plenty
of surprises to delight your soul. Find yourself face to face with the
Statue of Liberty with a cocktail in one hand, a dance partner in the
other, and towering sails soaring above. Dress: pirate, of course!

100 cruise tickets available for advance presale, 25 more at the
door, first come, first served. We highly recommend buying your tickets

Aboard tall ship Clipper City, Pier 17, South St Seaport, 21+
11:30pm – 2:30am boat party w/cruise, $30 adv/$40 dock (limited tix)
Official site:
Taste of last cruise:
==Saturday, September 4==

Stranded III: The Forbidden City

Party by  Balktick and Winkel.  This is a clandestine metropolis of
dynastic grandeur and libertine attractions. Dare you enter the
Forbidden City and risk leaving the mundane world behind for good?
Winkel & Balktick events are community projects that are created by
a group of artists, volunteers and other merrymakers. If you like what
you’ve seen or expect from us, we welcome you to join our ranks. We
are seeking art projects, performances, music, general volunteers and
event/theater/film production professionals. RSVP and questions to info
at wandbnyc. [G&S note: “stranded” as in, not at Burning Man. So
this dynamic duo creates a replacement celebration in NYC. Can’t
recommend enough. In fact, volunteer.]

(At a palatial warehouse in Brooklyn, lineup, pricing and details at link below.)

==Wednesday, September 15==

The Transition Movement – From Oil Dependence to Community Resilience

Bring others with you to hear an informative and inspirational talk
by Michael Brownlee, who was instrumental in bringing the Transition
movement to the United States from England, and who is co-founder of the
first Transition Initiative in the U.S., in Boulder, CO.


==Thursday-Sunday, September 16-19==

Introduction to Transition

This program provides a comprehensive overview of the Transition
model for decreasing oil dependency and building local resilience – its
premises and practices, along with an experiential introduction to the
“head, heart, and hands” of Transition.

Genesis farm

==Thursday, September 30==

Sweeping the Dust

A Book Party at Jivamukti Yoga School NYC

SDavid and Sharonharon Gannon, David Life, davidlifenamaste Lantern
Books  & the Entire Jivamukti Community  Invite you to celebrate
the book release of Sweeping the Dust  by our dear Jivamukti Yoga
teacher Ruth Lauer-Manenti with Foreword by Sharon Gannon,  co-founder
of the JivamuktiYoga method

(6:30pm to 9)

Jivamukti Yoga School will celebrate the launch of the second book
of Ruth Lauer Manenti’s, titled Sweeping the Dustpublished by Lantern
For many years at the Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City and
throughout the country, popular and highly regarded yoga teacher Ruth
Lauer-Manenti (affectionately known as “Lady Ruth”) has been offering
her students “dharma talks” stories from her life that accompany her
classes and represent the yogic commitments to ahimsa (non- violence),
compassion, and service. The teachings she gives are simplistic, yet
poignant and memorable.  In Sweeping the Dust, you’ll find over forty
of these talks, which are accompanied by a reading from classic Hindu
scripture, and composed with humor and sensitivity. Sweeping the Dust
is the perfect gift for the aspiring yogin and any spiritual seeker
wanting to live with thoughtfulness and integrity. – Shri Brahamanda

“Ruth embodies yoga. She’s an artist, a living spirit, someone who
walks the talk, the real thing. As a teacher, she goes far beyond the
asanas to connect mind, body, and spirit and bring out the smile inside.
To have her words of wisdom by your side is truly a unique and special
gift.”  -Donna Karan, Founder, Urban Zen

“Ruth’s stories reveal the teacher in each passing day, the magician in each
sunrise and sunset, and the wisdom of a smile and a wink. Ruth is like
Sakshi, the witness to all the comings and goings of life, who provides the
detachment of liberated living.”  -David Life, co-founder, Jivamukti Yoga

Delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided.

(6:30p – 9p , Free Public Event )
The Jivamuktea Café
841 Broadway, 4th Fl

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