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Metta Orgasmic Mischief

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Evolver and Souldish are proud to be a co-sponsors of, "Halloween Mischief Metta Orgasmic Trance Vortex Party Benefit", on Friday, October 29th hosted by Stephanie Marks of NYC Tantra and Luba Evans of Tantra Without Borders and benefiting the New Paradigm Community.

The party will include: a talk on "The Fulfillment of a New Model of Conscious Community" including Stephanie Mark (creator of NYC Tantra Center), Karla Brewer (Professor Rutgers/Visionary Therapist), Luba Evans (creator of Tantra Without Borders and Galiana Retreat), Paul Manza (Director of Heartland), Paula Tursi (director of Reflections Yoga Studio), Zara Watkins (Civil Rights Lawyer/Yoga Teacher), Diana Adams (Attorney, Empowerment Counselor, focusing on Sexual Issues and Non-Traditional Families), Paul Pradip (Tantra Without Borders, UK)

A Halloween Tantra Without Borders Puja lead by Luba Evans: a Triple Goddess Puja lead by Rev. Goddess Charmaine, Kiana Love, and Teeni Dakini.  Bellydance, Tantra Caberet, Acroyoga,  and music performances.  In addition there will be a Sacred Sensual Touch Room lead by Goddess Tribe NYC and A Sensual Feasting Banquet. 

The NYC Tantra Center is a permanent branch associated with the Alignment Center in NYC dedicating itself to the education of Sacred Relationship, Love, Intimacy, Tantra, and the harmony of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.  The center offers a spectrum of teachings in both lineageand Neotantra traditions in the form of workshops, events, and retreats, including a host of related health and healing modalities to enhance wisdom andlove in relationships.  

We are at a paramount time in history where the Divine Feminine in its conscience empowerment is rising to elevate and harmonize with the Divine Masculine, hence, bringing greater awareness and acceptance in deepening relationship through creativity, peace, love, and high vibration. The Dalai Lama has said,"The World Will Be Saved By The Western Woman." We, at the NYC TantraCenter, support the complementing "Divine Feminine's" expansion to raise awareness for the Masculine. We want to create an open community center that behaves as a New Paradigm Model of living connected to friend's farms for the purpose of expanding atantra dharma community on and off the grid. Our current affiliated farms are Phillip Restin's family farms in New Jersey; Luba Evan's upstate Tantra Retreat sanctuary, The Galiana Project; and Paul Manza's Heartland retreat upstate. These are farms that people are able to work and live on through conscious communally supported sharing via a barter, trade, and gifting model, while deepening their skills in a dharma tantra community. We will add a roster to different farms as we expand.   Our intention is to bring this model to different yoga studios and retreat centers across the country as a way of creating sustainable community which maximizes our prosperity in different communities with men, women, and children.  We look forward to celebrating and sharing with you. 

We really need your help for the creation of this new entity. Many people are making this event possible, so please help us in the way you can to make this party an on-going event that supports the center, and this New Paradigm Community dream a reality.  Sponsors of the event will be given the first priority forthe Sacred Sensual Touch Room. If you want to be sure that you will have a chance to experience tantric healing, be our sponsor.


Friday, October 29th

(8PM-1AM, $25 Goddess*,$30 Friend, $45 Sponsor)

(*If you consider yourself a goddess, whatever gender you are, this is the cost of your entry)

Reflections Yoga 250 W. 49th St, 2nd Fl. (NYC);

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