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Souldish NYC: 10/29-11/2

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))Souldish Featured Events((

==Friday, October 29==

A Halloween Mischief Metta Orgasmic Trance Vortex Party Benefit

This delicious and worthy benefit is being hosted by Stephanie Mark of NYC Tantra and Luba Evans of Tantra Without Borders, benefiting the New Paradigm Community.  We are pleased to announce the opening party of the NYC Tantra Center and Urban Eden Retreat Farms hosted by Luba Evans, Stephanie Marks, Goddess Tribe NYC, co-sponsored by Daniel Pinchbeck, and

The party will include:**A talk on “The Fulfillment of a New Model of Conscious Community” including Stephanie Mark (creator of NYC Tantra Center), Karla Brewer (Professor Rutgers/Visionary Therapist), Luba Evans (creator of Tantra Without Borders and Galiana Retreat), Paul Manza (Director of Heartland), Paula Tursi (director of Reflections Yoga Studio), Zara Watkins (Civil Rights Lawyer/Yoga Teacher), Diana Adams (Attorney, Empowerment Counselor, focusing on Sexual Issues and Non-Traditional Families), Paul Pradip (Tantra Without Borders, UK)**A Halloween Tantra Without Borders Puja** lead by Luba Evans** A Triple Goddess Puja** lead by Rev. Goddess Charmaine, Kiana Love, and Teeni Dakini**Bellydance, Tantra Caberet, Acroyoga, Music performances**A Sacred Sensual Touch Room** lead by Goddess Tribe NYC**A Sensual Feasting Banquet**The NYC Tantra Center is a permanent branch associated with the Alignment Center in NYC dedicating itself to the education of Sacred Relationship, Love, Intimacy, Tantra, and the harmony of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

The center offers a spectrum of teachings in both lineage and Neotantra traditions in the form of workshops, events, and retreats, including a host of related health and healing modalities to enhance wisdom and love in relationships.   We are at a paramount time in history where the Divine Feminine in its conscience empowerment is rising to elevate and harmonize with the Divine Masculine, hence, bringing greater awareness and acceptance in deepening relationship through creativity, peace, love, and high vibration. The Dalai Lama has said, “The World Will Be Saved By The Western Woman.” We, at the NYC Tantra Center, support the complementing “Divine Feminine’s” expansion to raise awareness for the Masculine.  We want to create an open community center that behaves as a New Paradigm Model of living connected to friend’s farms for the purpose of expanding a tantra dharma community on and off the grid. Our current affiliated farms are Phillip Restin’s family farms in New Jersey; Luba Evan’s upstate Tantra Retreat sanctuary, The Galiana Project; and Paul Manza’s Heartland retreat upstate. These are farms that people are able to work and live on through conscious communally supported sharing via a barter, trade, and gifting model, while deepening their skills in a dharma tantra community. We will add a roster to different farms as we expand.   Our intention is to bring this model to different yoga studios and retreat centers across the country so an alternative to creating sustainable community which maximizes our prosperity can be explored in different communities with men, women, and children.  We look forward to celebrating and sharing with you.  Tantric Healers: Alana, Kiavanna, Gina, Erin and Megan; Art by Om Rupani

We really need your help for the creation of this new entity. Many people are making this event possible, so please help us in the way you can to make this party an on-going event that supports the center, and this New Paradigm Community dream a reality.  Sponsors of the event will be given the first priority for the Sacred Sensual Touch Room. If you want to be sure that you will have a chance to experience tantric healing, be our sponsor.

(8p – 1a, $25 Goddess*,$30 Friend, $45 Sponsor)
(*If you consider yourself a goddess, whatever gender you are, this is the cost of your entry)
Reflections Yoga 250 W. 49th St, 2nd Fl. (NYC)
Registration here:

The New York Tantric Meetup

New York, NY
1,354 Tantric Practioners

Prepare to discover new things about yourself, push the limits and get deep into the real you. Through tantra practice we become free, we become great lovers, experience full …

Check out this Meetup Group →;

==Saturday, October 30 ==

Take the Green Bus to Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in Wash, DC

Do you want to be a part of history at this monumental event of our time? Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert invite you to a Rally in Washington DC on Saturday 10/30 from 12-3. The Green Bus thinks it will be a lot of fun if we take a jaunt together and shine our light on the capital.

Return in the evening, making a drop-off stop in Philadelphia at the PEX party, then Union Sq, then heading to the Danger Party.  Limited seats available – Click here to reserve your spot via paypal

6a – 9p, NYC to DC & back – $45)
Departure: 6:00 am from Union Square West @ 16th Street

==Tuesday, November 9==

Light & Shadow: Exploring Personal & Cultural Transformation –

On the road with Charles Shaw & Michael Garfield.  Evolver & Reality Sandwich along with openDemocracy present…Light & Shadow: Exploring Personal & Cultural Transformation.  On the road with Charles Shaw & Michael Garfield.  A night of engaging presentations & live music.  Charles Shaw:  “Charting the Spiritual and Political Awakening of the Evolutionary Subculture, and Giving Voice to the Lives of the Disenfranchised.”  Reality Sandwich Contributor Charles Shaw will be discussing his book Exile Nation and related topics like the drug war, the prison system, and shamanic medicines, with a particular focus on the role of the Shadow in our own awakenings and healings, and its role in this Evolutionary Subculture as a whole.  In addition, Charles will also be taping interviews for the Unheard Voices Documentary Project, a video archive of interviews with prisoners, ex-offenders, family members, and relevant experts on the human consequences of our drug and criminal justice policies. Through stories of perseverance, hope and healing, Unheard Voices will showcases the cultural holocaust known as the War on Drugs.  Charles Shaw is the author of the critically-acclaimed, Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics & Spirituality and Director of the Unheard Voices documentary project. His work has appeared in Alternet, Alternative Press Review, Conscious Choice, Common Ground, Grist, Guerrilla News Network, Huffington Post, In These Times, Newtopia, The New York Times, openDemocracy, Planetizen, Punk Planet, Reality Sandwich, San Diego Uptown News, Scoop, Shift, Truthout, The Witness, YES!, and Znet.  In 2009 he was recognized by the San Diego Press Club for excellence in journalism.

(7-9p, Free)
Jivamukti Yoga Studio
841 Broadway (between 13th and 14th St) , 2nd floor in cafe

Exile Nation
Unheard Voices  Michael Garfield:  “Sketches of an Emerging Human Mythos:  Evolution, Alchemy, Art, & Activism in an Age of Transition”  Drawing on sources from evolutionary theory to sacred geometry, from cosmology to jazz, Michael playfully deconstructs the boundaries between self and other, the one and the many to offer a rare perspective on the crisis and opportunity of our age – an emerging worldview aware of the vast patterns in which humanity is embedded, and how each of us is a crucial participant.  Additionally, Michael will play his acoustic-electronic music as a performance of this emergent integrated paradigm – a dynamic concert in which science and art, left and right hemispheres, head and heart unite.  Trained in evolutionary ecology only to become a performance painter, essayist, and cyber-troubadour, integralist Michael Garfield is intent on demonstrating how everything is equally art, science, and spiritual practice.  Writing extensively and expansively on the creative intersections of human inquiry and creativity, his combination of independent research and cohesive multimedia expression point the way toward an integrated exploration of time, life, and mind:  his work straddles communities, ignoring battle lines drawn between transhumanism (H+ Magazine), integral philosophy (Integral Institute), technoshamanism (Reality Sandwich), popular culture (D/Visible Magazine, Colorado Music Board), and academia (University of Kansas, John F. Kennedy University).
News & Networks:

))Other Eventes((

==Thursday, October 28==

Delve into Celtic Spirituality and Experience a Samhain (Celtic New Year) Ritual

With Barbara Biziou.  Travel around the World with Barbara! Learn about and experience first-hand the rituals from Native American, Indian, Celtic and Hawaiian traditions  I am really excited about introducing you to the ancient teachings and rituals of cultures around the world. Get out your passport and prepare to see the world without having to go to an airport or pack a bag.  I have created these trips for you to nurture your soul, to introduce you to new cultures and to help you learn spiritual tools from around the world.  Each class every week will focus on a different culture. You can take them separately or sign up for all four.

(7p – 9p, $39) 212-741-3358
3 Sheridan Square
10H, NYC
Pre-registration is encouraged.  Space is limited

==Thursday, October 28==

The Great American Stickup – Clinton, Bush and Obama—How the White House Has Embraced Wall Street

Join bestselling authors Robert Scheer and Joe Conason for a wide-ranging discussion, moderated by Amy Goodman, on the causes and consequences of the continuing financial crisis, and why successive administrations have championed Wall Street over Main Street.

(7p; free and open to the public)
Bruno Walter Auditorium,
NYPL at Lincoln Center,
111 Amsterdam Avenue (betwn 64th and 65th St.)

==Thursday, October 28==

Andrew Faust on Health and Longevity: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

Our diets, our jobs, our lifestyles and the water we drink all directly shape how healthy we are and our quality of life. A holistic view of health that connects peoples’ personal well-being directly with the health of their local landscapes and environment.

Skill-sharing in the heart of Brooklyn.

(7p-8:30p, $8 suggested)
The Commons Brooklyn
388 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
718 345 2367
[email protected]

==Friday, October 29==

Skillfully Navigating Your Awakening

A Talk by Kevin Sachs.  Do you ever feel that your spiritual practice is making you crazier rather than more peaceful? Much of what we are taught about spiritual practices — that they’re about feeling peaceful, relaxed and tranquil — is wrong. Powerful spiritual practices bring up uncomfortable emotions like fear, anger and sadness. The point is not for us to get rid of these feelings so we can live in bliss. These things that emerge are our treasures — exiled parts of ourselves that long to be welcomed home so we can become whole. In this talk, we will explore the principles of working with the mind and emotions in the context of an ongoing spiritual practice. We will discuss why and how spiritual practices evoke feelings and emotions, what types of things might emerge, and how to work with them, “spiritual bypassing,” death, rebirth and initiation, projection and transference, synchronicity, shadow work, when to seek outside support and more.

(7p – 9p, $25 adv, $30 Door)
Meta Center New York
214 West 29th St., 16th fl.
For information, call 646-415-6721 or email [email protected]

==Friday, October 29==

The Annual Newsonic Halloween Costume PartyFriday,

This is the 10-year anniversary of the annual Newsonic Halloween Costume Party! This party is the stuff of legend, and is always one of our best parties of the year. This year we have a excellent line up of live music, djs, and visuals including Dynasty Electric with special guest Mr. Lif, speed metal duo Bot, Mount Olympus, the electro-pop groups Dalanshar, Boy N Girl and Optimus Tribe. DJ Selectrick will be spinning the halloween hits, and VJ Don Trust will be providing visuals. Get your costume ready, this is not to be missed.  live music: Dynasty Electric w/ special Guest Mr. Lif, Bot, Dalanshar, Mount Olympus, Boy N Girl, Don Trust, VJ Suit Machine, DJ Selectrick

(9p-4a, Free with costume, $10 without)
76 Rutledge St., Brooklyn
cheap drinks available

==Friday, October 29==

Halloween Arty @ The 4th and Jackson Art Garden

Hosted by Rolando Ramos, Tom CLancey.  4th and Jackson Presents Halloween Arty @ The Art Garden.  Live music by tom hartland collective.  Join us for a Halloween Party you will not forget.  First of all, You Must Come In Costume. Why? We are are having a Costume Contest.  Compete in one or more categories – Best Costume – Worst Costume – Scariest Costume – Sexiest Costume; Special Games will also include – Bobbing for Apples – Egg toss – Etc.(I need some other ideas here)  Yes, We will be playing “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.  Make your plans to come through and enjoy the evening.  Long live the arts.  Day of the Dead Installations for Halloween.

(7p – 1a, $?)
Art Garden
4th and Jackson
332 Jackson St
Hoboken, NJ

==Friday, October 29==

Giant Mechanical Spiders – Halloween Psytrance Party

Also a quick reminder that the mischief has been relocated to a secret location in Manhattan on the 29th of October.**You must RSVP, Purchase a Ticket or Join the Email List to get the address at**See you on the dance floor 🙂

$15 Presale until Oct 25th while supplies last
$25 Before Midnight
$30 After Midnight
***Impressive Costumes $5 Off Door ***

You must bring ID: 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink
Or RSVP by sending an email to [email protected]
** RSVP, Purchase a Ticket or Join the Email List to get the address at**

==Friday, October 29==

Awakening the Chakras

with kA, Brooke Hamre Gillespie and Santiparro Alan Scheurman.  Come experience an illuminating evening of vibrational chanting, sound healing and kriya yoga in this special workshop to awaken and fully embody the spiritual light of the chakras. Your hosts will guide you on this journey through sacred breath work, guided movement, ceremonial song, meditation, mantra and yantra.  Learn about each of these chakras on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The evening will coalesce with a full body meditation utilizing quartz crystal healing bowls. Tibetan singing bowls, bells, percussion, shamanic song and chant.  Guests are encouraged to bring a sacred item to place upon the altar and a yoga mat/blanket/pillow for the meditation.

(7p to 10p, $22)
Alignment center
120 W28th St. btwn 6th and 7th Aves.

For more information, and to register:  [email protected]

==Saturday, October 30 ==

Take the Green Bus to Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in Wash, DC

Do you want to be a part of history at this monumental event of our time? Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert invite you to a Rally in Washington DC on Saturday 10/30 from 12-3. The Green Bus thinks it will be a lot of fun if we take a jaunt together and shine our light on the capital.

Return in the evening, making a drop-off stop in Philadelphia at the PEX party, then Union Sq, then heading to the Danger Party.  Limited seats available – Click here to reserve your spot via paypal

(6a – 9p, NYC to DC & back – $45)
Departure: 6:00 am from Union Square West @ 16th Street

==Saturday, October 30==

Within the Land of Ash – A Danger Party

It starts at the Brewery…117 years ago this hulking structure was erected to feed the city’s taste for intoxication. The cavernous interior of this historic structure is the introduction to your night with performances by the Lady Circus hidden in the rafters, in the shadows and all around you. Here, the Madagascar Institute will be premiering its newest indelicate sculpture, The Emperor Satan’s Roco-Coach by built by Gaylen Hamilton and made live by the infamous Zeroboy. The building is breathtaking, the performances are precarious and this is just the beginning… It continues at the Furniture Factory…We’ve converted three floors of this building into a labyrinth of music and performance including the international hip-hop all-stars from Okay Africa featuring: Baja + The Dry Eye Crew, Meta and the Cornerstones, Ishmael Kayoute and dancers from the cast of Fela! on Broadway, dj Dhundee and OP!, plus early sets from Das Racist and the unmissable Reggie Watts. Also, explore after-life themed interactive art installations alongside jump-up dance music in the antique lounge by the Vintage DJ and Peter Principle.  In the Knit Factory…The entire Wolf + Lamb label takes over the second floor of this warm and cozy factory space with immaculately composed dance tracks featuring: Soul Clap, Slow Hands, Nicolas Jaar Live, Nick (No Regular Play), and back from around the world travel: Wolf + Lamb playing the sunrise set. On the ground floor, Image Node Crew keeps it comfortable with music and projections in the Blink Dome. Outside in the hidden yard, get hot/wet in the return of the hot-tub and all night delicious things provided by Bushwick’s favorite Roberta’s Brick Oven Pizza.In Omega Plastics…This unexplored warehouse is 10,000sqft. of recently abandoned space. We’ve left everything intact, from the dilapidated office space to the worker’s lockers to the piles of disco-balls they formerly manufactured (seriously). When we stepped inside, the antiquity of the building spoke for itself. It has stories to tell. It’s history will be brought to life with the The Xango Tribe building intimate experiences within domes and hidden spaces featuring live music, food and small moments of magic. The Cumba Mela Collective takes over the other half of the space with crowd pleasing global bass pulling influences from tribal house, Balkan brass, dubstep and electro. Featuring dj’s: Atropiolis, Thornato and 2melo with live mc’s Polo and Shanti and an orchestra of live percussion by Toca and the Ale Ale Drummers and other instrumentation. On the street…Halloween weekend is more than just a holiday, it’s an escape, an excuse and a celebration for a city of lost children. One party can’t contain your energy – you deserve more than a masquerade ball. Beyond the indoor bachanal listed above are dozens of spontaneous performances happening throughout the streets in this neighborhood wide event. On this night, your brilliance is the bullet, this party is your trigger, aim yourself at the impossible and… …explode.

(7pm through 7am, $15 before 9:45pm : $25 after)  Strictly 21+
Come in costume for free champagne at the bliss bar.
Your experience begins at:
260 Meserole St.
Bushwick, Brooklyn and continues throughout the neighborhood.
For full performer listings and details see:

==Saturday, October 30==

Sanga Kirtan @ Three Jewels Center

The magic of mantra shines bright.. the night before Halloween.  We will be permeating the ethers with transcendental sound vibration..with a mix of Hip Hop, Poetry , and Reggae riddems.

(7p – 9:30p, $10 suggested donation)
The Three Jewels
61 4th Ave @ E. 9th St. 3rd Floor

==Saturday, October 30==

Deities & Demons Masquerade at CoSM

CoSM’s parties are simply transformational.  If you love art, music, dance, Spirit and lovely, consciously creative people, this is the party for you.

(8p – 4a, Tickets $30 in advance $40 at the door)
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
46 Deer Hill Road
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Get your tickets before it sells out:;jsessionid=A2FF965F53AFDE0A47174B953E08E05C?event=162

==Sunday, October 30==

Traditional Native American Crafting

A talk on the culture, ceremonies and crafts of the Southeastern Tribes— After the talk we will have an opportunity to join in and make a traditional Native American craft! Please join us as we listen and participate in an afternoon of traditional Seminole Indian culture,  with Donna Wiggins: (Seminole/Creek/Cherokee) Native American traditional crafter.  Brought to you with love as a part of the Indigenous Dialogue series by: The 4th world caucus, The Office of Student Life, and the Arts Caucus of Union Theological Seminary
(12:30 – 4:30)
Union Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway (West 121st Street and Broadway) RM 207
Directions: Take the #1 train to 116th Street stop. Walk north to 121st Street.

==Sunday, October 30==

Masquerade Macabre

Rubulad and Gemini & Scorpio cordially request your presence.  A marvellous and mysterious event…a Halloween celebration of the extravagant and the grotesque…an all-night spectacle of atmosphere, costumery and diverse entertainments…an explosion of live music, dancing, circus arts, fire and late-night revelry, snake-charmed into an absinthe-fueled early-morning speakeasy.  With:- Alien monster puppet funk band BIG NAZO- Exotic Balkan rhythms by Raya Brass Band- Victorian music box mix, toy piano mayhem and Jank! circus techno by Sxip Shirey- Virtuosic human beatboxing by Adam Matta- Trippy psychedelic funk by The Stepkids- A demonic dance floor by DJs Joro Boro & Reaganomics- Dreamy dance interlude by The Love Show  Plus:  – G. Scopitronic’s non-stop classic horror film fest- Fantastical face & body painting by Painteresse Elyzabeth- Mystifying silver film likenesses produced in front your very eyes by Tsirkus Fotografika- Spine-tingling art by Blood Dumpster Collective- Light circus extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur- Frighteningly accurate fortunes told by practitioners of the occult arts- Bone-chilling collections in the cabinet of curiosities  And for the daring few:- Absinthe and other mind-altering potions by The House of St Eve (yes, t.h.o.s.e. cocktails…)  Some reviews of last year’s Masquerade Macabre (this year’s is bigger and better): “Late-night absinthe-fueled revelry, with dancing, circus arts, and a Victorian-inspired dress code.” – The Village Voice. “Denizens of the night…down absinthe until the sun rises.” – TimeOut New York. “Absinthe-fueled debauchery.” – Paper. “Vintage-inspired spectacle.” – New York Press. “…collection of artists who revel in all things exotic, sensual and creative.” – Examiner  Costumes required. Inspiration: macabre carnival, aberrations of nature, cabinet of curiosities, dark Victoriana, evil funhouse, Jan Svankmaier & Brothers Quay films, Freaks, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Think dark & creepy.

(10pm-late, $20) 21+
A two-floor historical BK building with soaring ceilings

==October 30 and October 31st==

Haunted House of Yes

Setting foot into the House of Yes on any day of the year is generally a shocking experience. For two nights only, this Halloween, House of Yes is abandoning any taste and restraint, and letting the deranged side shine. The entertainment within the Haunted House of Yes ranges from X-rated to other worldly, from profound to fucked up.  Only the most demented performance, installation and video artists, musicians, architects and comedians were selected to create this multi-sensory disaster.  Haunted House of Yes is conceptualized and created by Graham Skipper of FUCT (a torture comedy troupe) and Julia LaVault (House of Yes’ lighting designer). Contributing artists include Zev David Deans, Pak-Kei Mak, Philip “Slime” Riley, Van hughes and Leslie McDonel, and Emmanuelle Chammah.  Be ready to sign a waiver and prove that you’re over 18, and sorry in advance for the post traumatic stress disorder.

Friday, October 30th from (7 pm – 2a, $10)
Saturday October 31st from (10pm – 2a, $10)

==Friday October 29 – Sunday, October 31==

Shaking Down Trauma, Heal the World:

Still Time to Register for this Dynamic October 29-31 Workshop.  Do you feel stuck in old patterns related to childhood trauma? Are you caught in cycles of conflict in your family, place of work, or community?  Are you disturbed by the violence in the world?  Are you a professional who works with clients and in fields where trauma is an everyday reality? Do you suffer from chronic illness or pain and want to find a new source of healing for both body and mind?  Join Rachel Mann in beautiful rural Virginia to shake out our individual and collective trauma. When we heal ourselves, we contribute to the healing of the world.  You do not need to be a trauma survivor or to suffer from the effects of trauma. All you need to have is a willingness to transform the violence in our world to peace.

($295 (price includes lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday; lodging not included))
Friday evening-Sunday afternoon, October 29-31
Bridge Between the Worlds, Charlottesville, VA

For more information call 434-227-0538.
To register:

==Sunday, October 31==

The Samhain Ball

Art, dance, music, body painting…

(9p – 4a, $5)
on    128 North Ave.
Baltimore MD!/event.php?eid=106923482703270

==Sunday, October 31==

A field trip to Genesis Farm with Sister Miriam MacGillis

This coming Sunday, October 31 we will travel to Blairstown, New Jersey to visit Genesis Farm, an environmental education center founded by a group of Dominican nuns in 1980. We would love for you to join us out in nature, exploring Deep Time and the teachings of Father Thomas Berry with Sister Miriam MacGillis, touring the farm, and connecting with others curious about our place on earth and within the universe.  Transformation of a culture’s awareness, beliefs, and stories about the Universe, and the place and purpose of humans within it, is the foundation for any deep change in the world. This understanding is core to Genesis Farm’s mission, to work with others to transform the ecological devastation being caused by the western industrial economy. Transformation of a culture’s awareness, beliefs, and stories about the Universe, and the place and purpose of humans within it, is the foundation for any deep change in the world. This understanding is core to Genesis Farm’s mission, to work with others to transform the ecological devastation being caused by the western industrial economy. Transformation of a culture’s awareness, beliefs, and stories about the Universe, and the place and purpose of humans within it, is the foundation for any deep change in the world. This understanding is core to Genesis Farm’s mission, to work with others to transform the ecological devastation being caused by the western industrial economy. Transformation of a culture’s awareness, beliefs, and stories about the Universe, and the place and purpose of humans within it, is the foundation for any deep change in the world. This understanding is core to Genesis Farm’s mission, to work with others to transform the ecological devastation being caused by the western industrial economy.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Corin Girard at Seven Pillars via [email protected], or by calling 518-794-8777. Pre-registration is required.

(11-4:30p, $35)
Blairstown, NJ

==Sunday, October 31==

Ladies Salon NYC…not an ordinary social event

This Hallow’s Eve come ready to explore your inner self with internationally recognized shaman, Kerry Henwood.  Yes, Ladies,  October is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the spiritual world, than to take part in a Shamanic Transfiguration Healing Circle! You’ll learn what shamanic traditions have known through the ages:

Shaman’s Toolbox:  Transfiguration – We need to get grounded through moving our awareness – and yet not disconnect from the Transcendent Light.  Gratitude – This is high vibrational energy.  It opens portals, it is the window and doorway into the Spirit World.  Your heart is the only way in which the spirit world can hear you.  True Seeing – In shamanic traditions, true seeings cuts through ignorance and false appearance. When a shaman speaks of seeing they are actually talking about clearing projections.  True Seeing is Forgiveness.  Blessing – This is recognizing and acknowledging the grand flow of Beingness and seeing spirit in all there is.  One can not bless if one has no gratitude and has not seen a need to forgive.   Recapitulation – Forgiveness of others and self erase personal history.  One must erase the past so one can feel free to enter the great mystery.  What to Bring: Notebook and pen, Something to cover your eyes, Yoga mat or blanket to lie down on, Comfortable clothing.  Please try to refrain from drinking alcohol 24 hours before the event.   About our Featured Presenter:  Drawing upon 30 years of healing experience, Australian native Kerry Henwood combines age-old traditions and cutting edge technologies to support clients through her unique approach to integrative healing.  An internationally recognized intuitive healer, inspirational speaker and teacher, Kerry has studied extensively with numerous shamans and yogis around the world.  As lineage-bearer of her grandmother’s shamanic tradition, Kerry uses ancient indigenous techniques to foster healing of modern day mind and spirits.  Kerry’s overall purpose is to help people find courage to create their own change and well-being, and to restore lost connections with their authentic selves.  Her sparkling presence inspires others to remember their own innocence, magnificence, and light.

Food and drink provided after Featured Presentation.  Please RSVP as space is limited.

$20 Suggested Donation
Email: [email protected]


==Monday November 1==

Fearless Freeform Movement @ Solstice Studio

Mondays 9:00-10:10pm
Nov 8th – Dec 13th

[email protected] to register.

We know the difference between expressing our own unique essential funky truth, and moving the way we want to be seen.  What is that difference? Some might observe that the difference is the same as the difference between the belly and the brain.  The belly is the native home of our Intuition. Unchecked, the thoughts we generate in our heads about how we move can mediate our movement to such a degree that we lose touch with our beautiful raw instinctive movement~ the dance of who we really are. And who we might become.  When we lose touch and let our Intuition go unexercised, we lose access to our own real power.  This series offers the opportunity to visit that native land, to listen deeply and empower our bellies to move us.  Creating a safe, sacred space, I will offer fun moving practices for exploring our body’s intuitive wisdom and creative brilliance.  From the humming depths of my ever-growing music artillery, I will offer you different musical journeys to aid our explorations each week.  Let’s see if we can remove the inhibitions in the way of our most creative, most empowered essential dance.  This specialty class is a great complement to the core training curriculum at Solstice, offering to tribal technique students a balance between discipline of form and discipline of freedom. It is open, however, to everyone of every gender and level of training who has a body and a will to move it.  Please wear comfortable clothing to sweat in and a bottle of water.  Drop-ins are welcome, and there is a discount for registering for the entire workshop.  Come beautiful, as you are.  Please come. with bounding love, Mz Meaghan Fearless

22 E 30th St
New York, NY 10016
(212) 219-2527
Visit for more info and to see a full schedule of classes.

==Tuesday, November 2==

Talk And Book Signing With Radhanath Swami

Author of The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami, “Spellbinding” — Ram Dass “Stunning” — B.K.S. Iyengar At age 19, Radhanath Swami set out to find God. Today, 40 years later, he is a beloved teacher and the inspiration behind some of India’s largest and most effective relief programs. He owns nothing, does not maintain a bank account, but has found the treasure which all on the spiritual path yearn to attain: love and devotion. Hear him tell his unforgettable story at: Jivamukti Yoga School’s “The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami” Talk and Book Signing.

(8p, $ by donation)



===Wednesday, November 3===

Energy Medicine: Embracing the Shadow with Jonathan Talat Phillips

Many spiritual circles discuss the need to acknowledge our shadow side, but what does that mean and how can we safely work in the darkness for personal development, better health, and spiritual illumination?  In this workshop, Evolver co-founder and Reiki Master Jonathan Talat Phillips will discuss his experiences guiding clients (and himself) through the healing process of shadow work.  Participants will engage in exercises to get to know their own dark side, going on a journey into their fears and learning to connect with and transmute these energies with love and light.  We will practice ways to release shame and judgment of the things holding us back, making friends with our inner demons, who can be helpful guides on our path.  This workshop will provide a safe and joyful container for those who’d like to shine some healing light into the neglected corners of their lives.  Hosted by and StorySpiral.  Jonathan is a certified Chi and Bioenergetic healer from the Connecticut Healing Institute.  He has a private practice in NYC and does Skype sessions.

(7:30-9:30p. $15)
TRS, 44 East 32nd Street (near Park Ave), 11th Floor
$15 (nobody turned away due to lack of funds)

==Wednesday, November 3 and November 13==

We Walk This Road – Robert Rondolph and the Family Band

Robert and his band will be playing music from their new album, We Walk This Road.  This record is a celebration of African-American music over the past one hundred years and its social messages from the last thirty. Although we cover a whole timeline of different eras on We Walk This Road, what ties these songs together remain their message of hope, their ability to uplift.

Wed, 11/03/2010
Morristown New Jersey
Mayo Center For The Arts

Sat, 11/13/2010
New York, NY
Terminal 5

==Wednesday, November 3==

The Ascension Energies – Your Divine Birthright

Please join spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro as he offers discourse on the wealth of Sacred and Healing Energy now anchoring on the Planet, and the modalities that have manifested to facilitate their integration for Mankind. Currently, even many Light Bearers, professional and non, know little of and employ even less in their practice and in their lives, that which Spirit has offered forth as a key element in accelerating Humanity’s Evolution – and Ascension.  Mr. Citro will explore the various applications and nuances of each of the most potent of these Energies and how, rather than compete or replace other systems, actually complement any Modality presently available. He will explain the importance of the RISING STAR HEALING SYSTEM, the PREMA BIRTHING EXPERIENCE, MAHATMA INFUSION THERAPY and ENCODEMENT OF THE DIVINE RAYS. Far from being New Age ‘woo-woo’ Technology, these incredible Systems, when accessed enhance all of Life, and bring one to the fullness of the Self…which is, indeed, SOURCE! During the evening, you will connect energetically and directly experience, a strong infusion of the Mahatma Energies.

(6:30p – 9:30p, $25.00 members/$30.00 non-members)
A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Center
241 W. 30th Street, 2nd floor (buzz #102)
(West of 7th Avenue)
Register:  [email protected] / or on A.R.E.’s website:


==Friday, November 5==

The Path of Deep Transformative Experience

A Talk by Kevin Sachs.  Do you attend experiential workshops and ceremonies and have deep experiences, yet wonder if you could do more to incorporate them into your life? Do you return home feeling unsettled and “stirred up” and not know what to do? Do you wish you could incorporate your experiences into one integrated life path that uses them as a starting point for ongoing inner work and lasting growth? Experiential workshops, breathwork, shamanic journeys and ceremonies, vision quests, sweat lodges, trance dances, ecstatic chanting and intensive yoga or meditation retreats all involve working in nonordinary states of consciousness. However, by themselves, nonordinary states and experiences are just the beginning of a complete and rewarding path. This talk will cover what nonordinary states are, why they have the potential to move us toward healing and wholeness, and how to work effectively with them. Topics will include Stan Grof’s maps of consciousness, transpersonal and mystical experiences, working with difficult emotional material, shadow work, the importance of containment, set and setting, and the need for adequate preparation and integration around the experiences. I will discuss methods I use to prepare and integrate, including Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing. I will also cover the archetypes of initiation, death and rebirth, and how understanding these overarching themes helps us to work more effectively with powerful experiences.

(7p – 9:30p, $25 adv, $30 Door)
Meta Center New York
214 West 29th Street, 16th floor
For information, call 646-415-6721 or email [email protected]
To register, go to

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