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Zipcar's third annual Low Car Diet challenges 30 applicants in each of several major cities to go
car-free for 30 days. On the surface, participants have it easy –
bus tickets, pedometers, gift certificates for bicycle tune-ups, free
grocery delivery, Zipcar memberships and allowances, and a glut of
maps and brochures and other swag are handed out just for trying.
From another perspective, however, this could make the challenge much
more focused: forget about cost efficiency breakdowns comparing the
car's MPG to the cost of a bus pass, or putting in the hard work of
tracking down non-car resources before making the commitment.

Logistically, day in and day out, just how hard is it to go without
the capacity to drive off at a moment's notice?

For those curious about what it's
really like to give up personal wheels, participants (including this
blogger) are strongly encouraged to share their experiences honestly
and accurately on Zipcar's website, where photos, blogs, and essays
will be featured over the next few weeks.


Photo by Jason McHuff via Creative Commons license.

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