Quantum Teleportation Leak

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While the Wikileaks saga continues to unfold with the arrest of its spokesperson and editor-in-chief, Julian Assange, it seems the individual leaks contain scientific revelations in addition to diplomatic ones.  In this report about "Nuclear Research at Chinese Academy of Sciences", the informant explains that China is not only expanding its nuclear fusion and fission capabilities over the next ten years, but it was also conducting a wide variety of other cutting edge scientific experiments:

"Additionally, other CAS institutes are conducting research in biometrics, computational physics and material science, nanoscience and nanomaterials, soft-matter physics, environmental spectrometry, fiber optic wave-length division multiplexing, quantum communications, superconductors and spintroncis, and cognitive sciences. End Summary."

A comment added to the end of the report matter-of-factly states the shocking news that the Chinese actually achieved the teleportation of a single particle in 2009:

"A cursory walk through their labs seemed to indicate they had already succeeded in single-particle quantum teleportation and are now trying to conduct dual-particle quantum teleportation."



Image by Erik Charlton on Flickr Courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing

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