Evidence of Other Dimensions

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Researchers at the CERN particle physics laboratory are using the Large Hadron Collider to simulate conditions of the the primordial Universe and possibly resolve some inconsistencies of current theoretical physics. Two LHC particle detector experiments are producing results much faster than expected: ATLAS observes highly massive particles and measures the broadest range of energy signals, and is designed to observe whole new physical processes created by the interaction of proton beams. The second particle detector experiment, CMS, is designed to detect supersymmetry, other dimensions, and the theoretical particle that explains where elements get their mass: the Higgs Boson.

Given the surprisingly fast pace of experimentation and high accuracy of data, research teams expect to release results (and possibly evidence of other dimensions) by the winter 2011 conferences. The LHC will be undergoing maintenance for the rest of the year, and then the ATLAS and CMS experiments will continue to collaborate and compete to release data about antimatter, dark matter, how quarks become protons and neutrons, and the properties of primordial plasma.


Image, "ATLAS Experiment Searches for the Forces that Created the Universe" by Berkeley National Laboratory on Flickr va Creative Commons Licensing.


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