Souldish NYC Events: November 23 – 24

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=====Friday, November 23rd=====

Black Friday? Try buy nothing day

Reverend Billy and Stop Shopping Gospel Choir celebrate Buy Nothing Day on the streets of New York City for the 5th year in a row on November 23. Vow to Stop the Shopocalypse and Save Christmas. For many, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, the day retail sales “go into the black” for the year, but now a growing number of people all over the world know it as Buy Nothing Day. Buy Nothing Day is an opportunity to draw attention to numerous issues including sweatshop labor, credit card debt, dishonest advertising, loss of community, and the climate crisis. For the fifth year in a row New York’s own Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and famed street preacher Reverend Billy will celebrate Buy Nothing Day on the streets of New York City, singing and preaching the good news: You don’t have to buy a gift to give a gift. Reverend Billy is focusing all his efforts on the holiday season and Church of Stop Shopping members have made Saving Christmas their top priority. Buy Nothing Day will include a high noon parade along 5th avenue and an early morning visit toa well-known department store where thousands of people await their chance to shop Black Friday sales. The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir will enthrall the crowds with masterful renditions of old and new songs and Reverend Billy will receive confessions and perform exorcisms on individuals, stores and transnational conglomerates.Photo/video opportunities.: 6 am: Reverend Billy, The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and a mass of striking elves at Macy’s front door. 2 noon: Reverend Billy, The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and a mass of striking elves parade south from the Plaza hotel
Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping are the subjects of a new documentary, What Would Jesus Buy?, produced by Morgan Spurlock. Now playing in NYC, opening in San Francisco, Los Angles and other west coast cities this weekend and in nationwide release by Christmas. The Church of Stop Shopping advocates on behalf of neighborhoods, locally-owned businesses and workers all over the world.

=====Saturday, November 24th=====

For the last 3 and a half years, Mz. imani has facilitated the Drum and Dance at CoSM’s Full Moon Celebrations. She has chosen to step back to 4 times a year, because she has been called by the elders to study and her students to teach. Her other plans include music, writing, and spending more time with her husband as they move to Baltimore. Kiana Love and I are stepping up to coordinate the team that will help to hold the logistic and energetic needs of the Full Moon Drum and Dance. We’re looking for people who are familiar with the Full Moon Drum and Dance, and the spiritual traditions of this community. Please come early to help co-create the space, and/or maintain it through the night. We’re also looking for enthusiastic drummers and dancers who can uphold the joyous rhythms and ecstatic movement that the Full Moon at CoSM has become known for. If you have participated in Full Moon before, on any level, we welcome you back. If you have never been to Full Moon, we invite you to join us. Free admission for those who are willing to help with set up and take down.

(7:30-9:30-12p, $10)
Prayer/polytheistic variety program.
(10pm-midnite: drumming an dancing)
$10 donation
542 West 27th St. NYC

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