Deities & Demons at CoSM

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Boston based quartet, Psylab releases benefit album, “Deities & Demons: Psylab at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.” The digital album was recorded at a concert, which took place on Halloween 2009. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this CD benefit Alex Grey Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Art Sanctuary in Wappingers Falls, NY. Psylab features human drum machine, Steven Asaro on the Roland v-drums with a custom-built software drum sampler, Joe Giglio on bass guitars, Ed Guild on visuals & samples, and Eartha Harris on synthesizers.

Their influences range from all over the electro musical spectrum. Dub/reggae to drum ‘n bass, to progressive house, to psy-trance and even synthpop.  The band performed at Burning Man in ’08 and Camp Bisco in ’06/‘07 making them a well-known attraction among the EDM underground. Their new live album includes tech-house versions of the  “Cantina Jam” and a drum ‘n bass “Death Star” remix, both from Stars Wars.

Whether you purchase your favorite individual tracks or buy the album for $10 the money goes to a worthy cause.

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