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Reality Sandwich helps Celebrate the 14th Annual Gem & Jam

Hot off of the world’s largest psychedelic event (Meet Delic), The Reality Sandwich festival team is back in action to help cover the 14th annual Gem & Jam Festival in Tuscon, AZ! From February 4th-6th, many will be traveling to Tucson, AZ from all around the world during the three-week Gem and Mineral Show hosted there.

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What is Gem & Jam?

Gem & Jam is truly a festival like no other, hosting both prominent Internationally and Nationally touring names in the jam and electronic music stratosphere. Not to mention, workshops, performers, visual artists, high-end art gallery installations coupled with cutting edge production will ensure you will be having the time of your life.

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Who Will be Performing at Gem & Jam?

What made the Reality Sandwich team so exciting this year was the highly-anticipated festival debut of ​​Shpongle’s Simon Posford performing a special live, mind-melding set. Simon’s trademark shape-shifting mix of psychedelic & trance vibes will transport you into an immersive with kaleidoscopic visuals, paired beautifully with the festival’s scenic desert landscapes.

The festival will also host legendary jam band group Melvin Seals and JGB; Other performers include Siren & Seer, the Grateful Dead Dance party Smokestack Lightning, and the funk and soul DJ Takimba. 

Where Can You Buy Tickets?

Tickets are on sale now and available for those who want to attend one day or plan on camping the entire weekend!

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