The Phantom Horseman of Cairo

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While watching live coverage of the ongoing Egyptian revolution on MSNBC, RS reader BarrioLotus116 and his family noticed a "remarkable and eerie refraction of light" that appeared to be a figure riding on horseback.  He recorded the clip and watched again but was still baffled by the strange image.  It looked like a ghost moving across the screen.  He uploaded it to Youtube for feedback:

A video editor looked at the video and noticed three small lights trailing behind the "horseman" that were spaced much like the streetlights in the frame and seemed to move with the camera in the same way.  You can see his analysis in the image for this post. He surmised that the horseman is actually a flare/reflection of the fire in the upper left of the screen.  

While this practical explanation is perhaps the most likely, it would seem that the universe is nevertheless using this manifestation as way of revealing something about this critical juncture in history.  The question of whether this ghostly horseman is real or not may be beside the point, as the act of watching this video seems to have a powerful effect on viewers.  Perhaps the phenomena is a psychic object speaking to us on a symbolic level about the nature of this historic conflict in the ancient world. BarrioLotus116 says that as he and his family "felt a strange energetic charge resonate inside of us as we witnessed it."

The video editor also reported a sense of wonder while watching the clip, despite his "simple optics" explanation.

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