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An independent research panel created by the UK's Climate Change Bill reports that the country must end the use of all carbon based fuels for energy production within 20 years and reduce carbon emissions by at least 80% from current levels by 2050. The Climate Change Committee is advising immediate action for the UK to do its part in minimizing climate change.

The government may choose to accept all or portions of the report. Once accepted Britain will be the first country to take such legally binding steps towards action against climate change. Acceptance of even part of this report will allow the UK greater persuasive leverage in working with other countries to encourage global change.

Though industrial energy efficiency programs can be immediately enacted to start meeting the requirements of the report, power generation will eventually have to come from other sources such as wind, tide and nuclear sources. Energy intensive industries such as steel and cement production must be powered by cleaner and more efficient mechanisms.


Image: "Desert Wind Mills" by fishfoot on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.


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