Resurrecting the Divine Feminine

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Come celebrate honoring the Divine Feminine this month with the merging
of Psalm Isadora's Tantra Yoga (this is her 1st visit to NYC), and
Daniel Pinchbeck, Evolver, and the NYC Tantra Center enjoying a month of
cocreative weaving via the Divine Feminine and Masculine Greenbus Tour
and events!


The Return Before 2012:
Resurrecting the Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine

How can we embody the rise of the sacred feminine power and how does our reawakening change the world?

How do we practice Sacred Activism to help address suffering of women globally?

The path of the feminine is the path of energy, action and power. the Sacred masculine balances this with direction.

gathering of conscious tribes is a divine call to those desiring to
cocreate a new energetic weave of wisdom and openess. We are called to
balance and integrate wisdom and energy together as men and women
honoring the Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine,
integrating light and dark, conscious and unconscious, love and lust,
high and low, yin and yang, etc.

We are in a time period
where we are at the forefront of our evolution, and there is a call to
wisdom in balancing and harmonizing the energies of the Divine Feminine
and Masculine within and amongst us. It has been prosphesied that in
history dating back prehistorically to the Goddess cults that women were
responsible for protecting, caretaking, and ensuring the fertility
rites of the entire community. There was a direct and natural
connection that women priestesses had ensuring the balance and
prosperity of all. These rights had be desecrated during the time of
the Aryan invasions and much of the warring domination of patriarchal
tribes globally. Slowly history has taken it's course to educate men
and women about the conflicts, wounds, and patterns wrought from our
collective conditioning that have inter-generationally played out that
is the cause of much of the crisis we face today on the planet with
natural resources and planetary health. Our collective tribal
truthsaying and participation is just now allowing consciousness,
forgiveness, and alignment to endure within the restoration of our
natural powers and rights as Divine Beings. Up until now much of our
evolution has been remembering our divine roots to Mother Earth as
The authority and empowerment of women globally is an ineviable crucial
step in that evolution. It will lead to the tribe remembering how to
harness and invoke our cocreative magic and power together in truth,
love, respect, and honor. And thus, restoring the nature harmony of our
connection to Mother Earth to inform and guide us all home as One Love.

*Tribal Truth Saying Discussion with:

Daniel Pinchbeck (author, journalist, and creator of Evolver)
Psalm Isadora (author,tantra yoga teacher, creator of Courage to Rise)
Alan Sienfeld (creator of New Realities)
Luba Evans (creator of the Galiana Center and NYC n Boston tantra meetups)
Juliet Gentile (co-organizer of the NYC Sufi Mastrat)
Deborah Anapol (Ph. D, author and teacher)
Cami Arrow (Evolver events manager and holistic healer)
Erika Henson (Tantra teacher)
Dafna Mordecai (Artist, Priestess, Yogini, Spirit Guide)
Rev. Goddess Charmaine Colon (Priestess and tantra teacher)
Amanda Young (Urban Goddess Health)
Kelly Heresy (organizer for the Alignment Center)
Stephanie Mark (creator of the NYC Tantra Center)
CC Treadway (Conscious Relating Facilitator and teacher)
and more…

*Yab Yum Ceremony and Tantra Puja

*Viewing of "Shakti" the movie on empowering women in India by teaching them to become yoga teachers

*discussion of Psalm's new movie project about Sex Workers in India

*Alok Ananda Tribe, Daniel Johnson live music/kirtan

TheLiquidAlchemy; 2012 Immortal Blend Raw Chocolates. Activated in
Venice, Ca. The Highest Vibe Functional Medicine with Chinese Herbs and
Superfoods to Portal into any Dimension.

*DJ musical afterparty

$30 at the door
Alignment Center
120 W. 28th St., 3rd Fl.
May 19th


Sex + Magick + Medicine
Ancient path of the Sacred Primal Mother
Activating Shakti Kundalini for Bhoga & Moksha {Pleasure & Liberation}

it necessary to choose between material wealth/ pleasure and spiritual
liberation? Most of the prevailing spiritual paths say the world is a
distraction from spiritual truth. Many say maya is an illusion
distracting us from truth. Goddess worship tantriks say maya is the form
of the world, the body of the feminine goddess of creation. Through the
path of the sacred feminine, we embody these spiritual truths while we
enjoy the play of the body and the world.

Vama Marga is the left
hand path, the exploration of taboo to give the individual freedom from
conditioning to live from their true essence. This is an introduction to
Mystery school, The Cult of the Feminine, the Black Madonna, Kamakhya,
Kali, Lalitha. These practices are from ancient india but still living
as our birthright in all our bodies just waiting to be awakened again.
This is a way of ceremony and ritual to awaken this energy, the
Kundalini Ma.

Intro to Sex + Magick + Medicine
Saturday April 14
at The Om Factory

to register:

Weekend Immersion for men & women June 18 & 19
at The Om Factory

Warrior, Goddess, Mother, Lover, Artist
Embodying all the divine feminine archetypes
Women's Empowerment Circle

Women, Be the Medicine for the World.
is time for us to rise, to heal ourselves and empower each other. For
too long the feminine energy has been repressed and that has caused
imbalance and suffering in our own bodies and the world. We have done
some of this harm to ourselves. We have the tools through yoga,
transformational breath work and ritual to heal emotional wounds
blocking our power and reclaim the sacred feminine energy that lives in
our bodies. It is our mission to come together in circles of women, to
do the powerful practices and witness each others stories so we can
heal, empower and create our soul’s purpose in this world. We rise
together, we lift each other up in our empowerment, we heal the sacred
hoop of life through reclaiming our power.

This circle will teach
the ancient practices of yogini tantra to activate kundalini using
concrete techniques of transformational breath work, ritual,
self-inquiry and yoga.

Introductory Circle
Saturday, May 14 2-5pm
at The Om Factory

to register:

Week of morning practices for kundalini activation 6:30-9am M-F May 16-20
to register:

What Women Are Saying:
is a consciousness behind this work, very powerful, very nourishing, I
feel like I am taken care of, and I am learning as well, I feel like I
am a seed within a pod of others–I am learning, growing, and will be
planted into the earth to grow.” –Carrie

“I want to say that
since taking Psalm's training, I feel more connected to myself as a
woman and to the parts of myself that most of are taught to ignore, to
be ashamed of. It's really a larger connection to my full being. Psalm
created a safety in her training where the women felt comfortable to
share their truths. The tears and the laughter were powerful medicine.”

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