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Musica Speculativa – Occult Roots in Sound and Vision (Part 1)

It is from the secret pages of the ‘Book of Nature’ that the original meaning of the ‘occult’ was first drawn. As lovely as one finds the careful curve of a daimonic sigil, the cunning craft of a cautiously cut wand, or the potent poesis evoked by a proper turn of mantric phrase, these are but aesthetic adornments lavished on deeper essential elements. Music remains one of the most powerful ways to return our attention to the secret root at the heart of occultism.


Visionary Experiences

To the extent that these experiences are convincing, detailed, explorable, real, they make fluid the line between the visionary and the everyday worlds. Perhaps they teach us to de-reify the world, to personify, to mythologize — to obliterate the boundaries, construct a visionary world from the detritus of the everyday, let us see through, turn the world into metaphor, into magic.

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