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Make Good Shift Happen

Want to better explore the awesome activities, progressive businesses, and ethical food spots in your city? If you help fund a new Kickstarter campaign, you could get an app for just that in your city. Plus, every time you buy something, you plant a tree.

A Practical Approach to Meditation

My first meditation experience happened in New York City at a Zen Center in 1998. I had lost my mother about two years prior and I was still deeply sad and totally confused about what happens when we die. I wasn’t satisfied with the explanation that “we g…

Let Magic Happen: Transforming Symptoms and the Healthcare System

Why is it that the most urgent question in the healthcare
debate is, "How will we pay for all the drugs for our aging
population?" Instead we might ask, "Do our elderly really need all these
drugs?" Unfortunately, the focus is on the suppression of symptoms rather than the facilitation of self-healing.

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