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Introducing Darkcoin, Bitcoin’s Stealthier Cousin

When the cryptocurrency darkcoin launched earlier this year, it distinguished itself from dozens of bitcoin copycats by promising to keep users’ transactions far more anonymous than its predecessor. Now that promise is being tested in the Internet’s fastest-growing proving ground for privacy technologies: the online black market for drugs.

First Online Retailer To Accept Bitcoin

First big U.S. online retailer to accept it The online retailer Overstock plans to accept the digital currency Bitcoin next year, the company’s top executive told the Financial Times, becoming the first big American online retailer to do so. Patrick Byrne said the online general merchandise shop plans to start taking Bitcoin as early as the second quarter in 2014.

The Bitcoin Revolution

Satoshi Nakamoto is a cryptographic genius who in 2007 began to design a system that could conceivably liberate
the mass of humanity from the clutches of traditional centralized money
systems and the controllers thereof. 

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