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A Return to Being Human

We follow a reductionist model of human beings as self-seeking, selfish, almost robotic, creatures. We need to value the wholeness of being human and apply this in our relationship with the world.

Zombie Apocalypse

Post-9/11 popular culture is teeming with zombies. It's a veritable epidemic! It seems the kids can’t get enough of the partially albino skin and the hollow, soulless, CGI eyes. What's behind the current interest in the undead?

Nature Loves to Hide: An Interview with Paul S. McDonald

In this interview for Reality Sandwich Prof. McDonald reflects on the differences between the concepts of daimons and.demons, including how and why demons replaced daimons in the popular imagination, the importance of Jung to historians of alchemy, prehistoric stone circles, Hegel as a Hermeticist, Stephanos of Alexandria, and much more.

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