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Nature Loves to Hide: An Interview with Paul S. McDonald

In this interview for Reality Sandwich Prof. McDonald reflects on the differences between the concepts of daimons and.demons, including how and why demons replaced daimons in the popular imagination, the importance of Jung to historians of alchemy, prehistoric stone circles, Hegel as a Hermeticist, Stephanos of Alexandria, and much more.

The American Renaissance Tarot: Interview with Thea Wirsching

For the first time, the design of a new deck is inspired by America’s occult literary heritage. Thea Wirsching Ph.D, co-developer of the American Renaissance Tarot deck, is a wounded healer, astrology, priestess of SekhMet. Her life and work deserve an interview, but this one is dedicated to our discussion of this unique new tarot deck.

Circumambulating the Alchemical Mysterium

The effort to define alchemy to everyone’s satisfaction may well be impossible. On one hand, alchemy needs to be defined in a way that encapsulates the living breadth and depth of the world’s alchemical traditions. On the other hand, such a definition must also be internally consistent with the many specific, historically contingent (and at times contradictory) expressions of alchemy.

Amanda Charchian

Blurring boundaries, Charchian creates multimedia experiences that blend Pre-Raphaelite appreciation for the magical beauty of nature, with elements of psychedelic aesthetics, informed by the long tradition of esoteric art.

The State of the Occult: 2013

Reality Sandwich asked two of our leading occult scholars, Richard
Smoley and Mitch Horowitz, to share their observations about the current
state of mysticism in America, and where they see the field heading in
the future.

The Ascendance of Psychotic Knowledge

We have
entered a period of epistemological chaos. The true condition of our
world, indeed the very nature of our phenomenal reality, including
agreement regarding the meaning of knowledge itself, is completely up
for grabs. This has led to the rise of a new
and unprecedented kind of discourse, which can be categorized as
psychotic knowledge.

The Cracking Tower

Essence is the immortal portion of our awareness. When we die, we disappear from this planet forever and our life experience is absorbed into our Essence. The ego absolutely must transcend the illusion that it is the center of the psyche. Psychedelics can b…

The Sojourn of Science

Science has brought us to a place where we can walk in living awe of the ongoing miracle that is the world. Perhaps the true purpose of science is to apprehend new realms of the awesome.

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