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Now is your chance to help save our international journal of electronic dance music culture, Dancecult. New perks offered as part of our crowdfunding campaign which ends in less than 8 hours: Discounted Evolver Intensives Courses of your choice.

Stories and Dance to Greet the New Era

A day with Starhawk in L.A. to welcome the Winter Solstice. On December 9, come for a three-hour solstice stories workshop, solstice spiral dance ritual, and delicious vegeterian food. 

In the World After Abundance

In the future, our current extravagant
habits will no longer be an option. An unwillingness to take a hard look at the assumptions underlying our notion of a normal lifestyle has driven a certain amount
of wishful thinking, and roughly the same amount of unnecessary dread, among
those who have begun to grapple with the challenges ahead of us.

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