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The First Extraterrestrial City on Earth

“People have this tinfoil-spacesuit, 1950s idea of aliens, but the beings I saw were galactic bohemians, David Bowie–like art stars, flamboyantly androgynous healers, and outrageous alchemists. A lot of them had really cool tattoos. They come from advanced societies that have synthesized art and science, so they know how to have a good time."

Souldish NYC April 28 – May 8

Evolver NYC Spore: The Future of Psychedelics

Come join fellow evolvers as we explore and discuss the new frontiers
emerging for psychedelics in our modern culture, as both scientifically
verified medicines and intentional tools for personal development. The
night features psychotherapist and author Dr. Neal Goldsmith, who will
share his thoughts on the future of psychedelics after returning from
MAPS' "Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century" conference. Evolver
editorial director and "Breaking Open the Head" and “2012” author Daniel
Pinchbeck will speak about his transformative experiences taking Iboga,
and the Trypnotist, creator of Trypnosis, will be our DJ guide on a
transcendental techno trip – no substances required.  The evening will
also include an opportunity to interact in a number of workshops and
artistic expressions: music, visuals and recreational brain wave
entrainment by Psyncus; Trypnosis sessions via stroboscopic goggles with
the Trypnotist; meditation trips through the imagination with the ID
Project’s Joshua Adler; live drawings inspired by extra-dimensional
music with Chris Kaplan; “Dream Yoga” with Matt Canale; a binaural beats
and Theta brainwave inducing experiments with Eliott Edge; Reiki Energy
Healing by Steve Urban (Traditional Usui Method). Come early to catch a
performance of minimalist Terry Riley's "In C", led by Nathan Clark.
Drinks, music, mingling, and more.  Doors at 7:30p, Show starts at 8p,
Festivities run until 11p; $10.

(7:30p, $10)
388 Atlantic Avenue (between Hoyt and Bond). Check out our new Evolver
headquarters with convenient subway stops (A, C, G, F, Q, N, R, 4, 5
Brooklyn, NY

Souldish NYC: 12/18-24

This week on Souldish enjoy the guitar music of Gabriel Gray of Datura, get nearly naked at a Steamy Dance Party at the Russian Baths, go deep with Psybotik 13, and groove to drum n' bass at Konkrete Konspiracy's Khristmas party.

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