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Flame Dirt Rust Silk: An Interview with Filmmaker Xander Stewart

Southern filmmaker photographer poet Xander Stewart creates art with friends in what up until now has been a fairly private way. Xander will be traveling to Los Angeles soon, not only as a filmmaker screening at Platinum Shorts but also for a group photography exhibit at Lethal Amounts, the prestigious DTLA art gallery.

The Lore and Lure of Aleister Crowley: A Dialog

The Lore and Lure of Aleister Crowley: A Dialog

Nearly six decades since his passing, the famed occultist Aleister Crowley continues to fascinate. Reality Sandwich invited Gary Lachman and Tobias Churton, whose respective Crowley biographies were released this year, to discuss Crowley’s relevance today.

Will You Swallow Google’s Edible Microchip?

Forget the mediocre Tom Cruise movies that barely justified their rental fee, this truly might be one of the creepiest ‘future is now’ transhumanist magic acts to date. Head of advanced tech at Google-owned Motorola, Regina Dugan tells us to swallow the pill!

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Start With Universe

Buckminster Fuller insisted that
the sense of separation from nature is a dangerous illusion, and that humanity's
evolutionary success is dependent on our willingness to learn from the
emergent behaviors of whole systems. This led him to re-imagine a big picture in
which our species is situated within the full continuum of creation.


What Videogames Need

are hundreds, if not thousands, of hobbyists and non-programmers who make digital games outside of the games industry's model. There
are  lots
of tools that
allow people to make and
distribute games without ever having written
a line of code and without
having to pass through publishers' gates. In years to
come, there will be a lot
more tools.

essential tension

The Essential Tension of Ideas

One of the key insights in Richard Florida’s latest book, The Great Reset
(Harper, 2010) is that rapid transit increases the exchange of ideas
and thereby spurs innovation. Where the car used to provide this mass
connection, now it hinders it. Increasingly, our cognitive surplus is sitting traffic.

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