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The Limitations of Medical Materialism

Perhaps the most disappointing realization that I came to after five years of medical school was that almost no one was interested in discussing the
nature of health and illness, disease and cure. There was little desire to examine new
ideas, and sometimes even contempt for anything other than the latest technological advancements.

Uniting Shamanic Healing and Western Medicine

Western medicine attempts to clear the weeds from the garden by spraying chemicals or nipping the leaves and stems above the surface. The shamanic healer, by contrast, searches for the emotional and spiritual roots of the illness and pulls them out from the ground.

The Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca is both a medicine and a visionary aid. You can employ ayahuasca for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repair, and you can engage with the power of ayahuasca for deeper insight and realization. If you consider attainment of knowledge in the broadest perspective, you can say that at all times, ayahuasca heals.

Psychedelic Conference Aims High With Science

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is bringing together presenters from all over
the globe, April 18-23 in Oakland, California. The
conference will focus to a great extent on clinical research into the
use of psychedelic drugs for a wide variety of health needs.

The Nature of Plants and Plant Medicines

The archetypal plant organ is the leaf, flat and
open to the cosmos. The sun, moon, and stars bring about its
rhythmic contractions. Upon
this archetypal theme, each plant family plays and improvises in amazing variety. Human beings also have an archetypal form of their body/soul configuration.

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