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Sexedelic: Tantric Healing Through Psychedelics

When it comes to the human experience, few things are as alchemically powerful as sex and the ingestion of entheogens.  The combination of these two is like adding rocket fuel to the body electric. Used safely, it can blast you to luminous stratospheres of healing, intimacy, ecstatic states of consciousness, and yes, heart-opening, body-quaking orgasms.


Techno-Optimism: An Interview with Jason Silva

Jason Silva is a dynamic "performance philosopher" and techno-optimist whose eclectic, scientific-philosophical-literary discourse
remixes the likes of Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan, Carl
Sagan, and Timothy Leary into equal parts non-fiction and poetry. I recently talked to Jason about his most recent work and his plans for the future.

OWS Discussion large

Report From OWS: The Global Conversation Begins

These personal accounts capture life at Zuccotti Park, as experienced by a young Civil Rights attorney and mother who arrived at the Occupy Wall Street protests a skeptic, but who was quickly pulled in by the excitement of witnessing a new movement being birthed.

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