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Rick Doblin: Hippie of the Year

If Rick was going to run an organization dedicated to providing “rigorous scientific evaluation of the risks and benefits” of MDMA, he was going to have to learn how to do rigorous science. He set out to teach himself.

The Sky Starts an Inch off the Ground

Transformation is messy: your old
world doesn't work anymore, it falls apart. All
transformational processes have some things in common, and as these
collective crises converge upon us they make "normal" unlivable. So whether we
intend to or not we're pushed to a different way of being. 

I am Rock and Roll

In a culture where participation in American Indian spiritual practices can be arranged for you by a travel agent, it is important to understand the history of the things we choose to practice, particularly with regard to historical conditions of exploitation. So does this mean that my white students shouldn't be rapping? 

Homo Luminus: You with Wings

During meditation, I activate a pattern of acupuncture points on my back and ask for "The Wingmaker Frequency." Then an astonishing thing happened: Wings sprouted from my back, I shit you not. Have homo sapiens reached the next phase of our evolution?

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