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An Encounter with Ayahuasca Sorcery

In the literature on South American indigenous and mestizo curanderismo, particularly in relation to ayahuasca, I found that harmful attacks by malevolent practitioners using invisible “darts” are widely reported. Perhaps as many as 50 percent of illnesses are said to be caused by such sorcery.

Our World: Shamans and Spirits

Shamanism is characterized by an
intentional change in consciousness to interact with spirits. Troubles of a spirit nature can have serious repercussions in a person's life. It is the task of the shaman to heal such persons.

Shamans and Charlatans: Assessing Castaneda’s Legacy

When first published in 1968, Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan was hailed as a groundbreaking ethnographic account of Native American shamanism. With fame came scrutiny, however, and a debate clouded Castaneda's legacy. But there's no doubt that both Castaneda and Don Juan shaped the Western world's understanding of entheogens and Native American culture.

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