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We Do Drugs Because It Feels Good: An Interview with Dr. Ingrid Walker

Self-proclaimed multi-drug user Dr. Ingrid Walker’s new book “High: Drugs, Desire & A Nation of Drug Users” is a comprehensive look at the soul of American drug use in its joys and hypocrisy, and how the war on drugs has stigmatized our view of different substances. In this interview, Gabriel Roberts and Ingrid discuss the war on drugs, the benefits and pitfalls of our present national policy and how we might see a better approach to drugs, moving forward.


Kickstart The Jungle Prescription

The filmmakers behind The Jungle Prescription, an important documentary highlighting the potent effects of traditional plant medicine for overcoming addiction, need your help to help fund their project. 

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This Week in Psychedelic Culture

This week in psychedelic culture: MDMA can treat autism, the stages of Ayahuasca experience, getting off prescription drugs for mental health, a Sasha Shulgin Memorial and entheodelic myth making with Benton Rooks & Rak Razam.

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