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Inner Worlds, Art and Sacred Plants

The worship of nature may unite us more than anything else and allow us to overcome doctrinal discrepancies that are relatively unimportant if considered from the perspective of human culture as a whole.

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Reflections on ESC & the Psychedelic Renaissance

ESC is a nonprofit launched in late 2013 and dedicated to “assuring the sustainability and safe use of traditional plants,” of which ayahuasca has been the clear priority thus far. All in all, ESC seems well-intentioned. So what are 17 experts (now 62) from Canada, Brazil, the UK, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, the US, and Colombia up in arms about?


Welcome to the Jungle: A Talk with Rak Razam

The new documentary Aya: Awakenings is about journalist Rak Razam's experiences
with ayahuasca and DMT and how the use of these substances in appropriate traditional contexts can help us to heal ourselves and our connection to the planet. 


Flying Tonight

Surveys suggest that between ten and twenty
percent of the population has had an out of body experience. Do our
souls really drift away from our bodies? Are our brains playing tricks on us?


The Ayahuasca Sessions: A Talk with Alan Shoemaker

Alan Shoemaker is the founder of the
Amazonian Shaman Conference held in Iquitos, Peru each year. He runs a company that specializes in ayahuasca tourism. Here he talks about
the spiritual tourist boom, his founding of the ayahuasca church Soga del Alma, and the global ayahuasca community.

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