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Guides, Resources, Tips News Around Shrooms Bitcoin and Digital Currencies Are the Mycelium of Finance Have you ever considered the connection between blockchain technology and… Read More Psilocybe caerulipes: The Blue Foot Mushroom Discover the psychedelic wonders of the Psilocybe caerulipes mushroom in… Read More Psilocybe Mexicana: Cultural Impact Beyond the Border Dive into the […]

Meet the Meet Delic Vendors


Meet Delic 2021 was the premiere psychedelic wellness event dedicated to public education and de-stigmatizing the psychedelic conversation for a mainstream audience. Meet Delic brought together a collective of entrepreneurs, health and wellness experts, psychedelics and medicine enthusiasts earlier this year in Las Vegas at AREA15. Meet Delic vendors and keynote speakers helped guests learn […]

Best Marijuana Strains for Creativity

best marijuana strains for creativity

Whether or not you fancy yourself an artist, here are some of the best marijuana strains for creativity. There is a creative urge inside all of us!

How to Best Talk About Psychedelics

How to best talk about psychedelics

Thinking about coming out of the psychedelic closet? Read here to learn about the different topics on how to talk about psychedelics with family and friends.

How to Buy Psilocybin Spores

How to Buy Psilocybin Spores

Interested in psilocybin mushrooms? We’ll walk you through all you need to know to obtain mushroom spores. Nosh on this delish How To guide.

Ram Dass: The Life of a Servant of God

Ram Dass: The Life of a Servant of God

Psychologist Baba Ram Dass was a well loved author and spiritual teacher who helped bring Eastern philosophies and psychedelic healing to the Western world.

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